10 Things You Did Not Know About Website Marketing

Website marketing involves all actions performed towards bringing in visitors to a website. This is done in an aim to market goods and services that the company offers. The internet is a large world where there hundreds of websites selling similar products. This lowers the probability that a client will click a particular website. Website marketing effort is geared towards increasing the visibility of a site online. Moreover, search engines rank websites in order and in different pages. Prospective clients are more likely to visit pages that appear in the first page as opposed to the others. Actions aimed at enhancing a website ranking by search engines is also part of website marketing.

What constitutes well-marketed websites?

Has a Page Title Rich in Keywords

A small descriptive title is included in every page. The title includes most popular keywords that people use when looking for related information. The title should have as few filler words as possible and remain readable. The keywords should be used with business name at home page. For example, if Lovi Inc. sells gold jewelry, these words could be used; Gold jewelry – Lovi inc.

Keywords are Positioned in the First Paragraph of the Body Text

For search engines to rank the website highly, keywords should be included in the first paragraph of the whole document. However, keywords should not be stuffed in the body since the document will lose its relevancy.

A Simple User Friendly Navigation System

Great websites are easy to navigate. This is for both humans and search engine robots. JavaScript and Flash navigation menus should be supplemented with HTMLS at the end of the page. The earlier is a great tool for humans while the latter is great for search engine robots.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Web Pages built around certain keywords or phrases result to higher site ranking. The home page and continued pages should be polished to have good keyword density. Gateway and duplicate pages are always penalized by search engines. Thus, it is advisable to avoid creating them.

Site Promotion

Highly successful websites employ various methods to reach their target readership. These techniques include mobile marketing, email marketing, pay -per-click, back linking among others. These methods pull readers straight to the webpage independent of search engine ranking.

Use of Multimedia

A picture says more than a thousand words. Great website marketers include lots of multimedia such as product video, audio and photos in their pages and other related sites. Most search engines give search engines give media results alongside text results. Good multimedia has a potential to bring in high traffic to the website.

Free and Paid Articles

Free articles for use by others in newsletters and blogs helps increase a site’s visibility in its area of expertise. Readers are most likely to visit the source of great, informative content.

Compelling Information

The aim of bringing traffic to a website is to sell a product or an idea. Great websites give compelling information that leads to an action on client’s side.

Bookmarks and Cookies

It is a good idea to ask visitors bookmark ones webpage. Cookies store information on the visitors’ activities and make tracking easier. This helps in creating repeated visits and thus more traffic.

Social Media

Social media offers a platform where a firm can build relationships with the clients. Social marketing pages should be linked to the main website. This is a great platform for drawing traffic to a firm’s website.

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