2016 is the Year to Up the Quality of Your Content – Pubsio Can Help

The experts at Pubsio know a thing or two about high quality content. Every day they help businesses monetize their websites through in-text ad placement. Before that can happen a website must first be approved to be a part of the program. One measurement that’s considered is the quality of the content.

It’s just one example of how important useful, high quality content is for a website. In the last few years content marketing has exploded, and all indicators suggest that more and more businesses will be increasing their budgets in 2016. Here’s why:

The SEO Factor of Quality Content

You may have heard the phrase “content is king” online. That’s because the words on a web page heavily affect SEO. Google has stressed for years that the quality of content is a factor in their ranking algorithms. They proved this in 2011 with Google Panda. The purpose of Panda was to stop websites with low quality content from ranking at the top of their search engine.

At the time a lot of sites were creating geo pages that essentially replicated content and used scraped data to create hundreds of pages that targeted location-related keywords. They offered very little useful information and a poor user experience. As a result they spent a very short time at the top of search engines.

Panda wasn’t the first time Google made an update to filter out low quality content, and it won’t be the last. Companies are now learning to be proactive and put emphasis on higher quality content to avoid being penalized.

Relevant, Useful Content Converts Customers

Like Google, web users want to see high quality content. It’s one of the key reasons why 55% of users spend 15 seconds or less on a page. On average around 50% of visitors will leave without viewing any other page on a site.

Inbound strategies like high quality content marketing have been shown to double a business’ conversion rate. A survey from DemandGen Report also found that 67% B2B buyers rely on content for their purchasing decisions more now than they did a year ago. Clearly high value content can increase your lead quality, conversion rate and revenue generation.

Today infographs and interactive content are attracting a lot of readers. These require more work and planning, but the impact is usually much greater. Long-form blog posts (750+ words) have also been found to generate up to 9 times more leads than short posts.

You’ll Also Attract More Advertisers

As mentioned above, high quality content will also generate the interest of bigger and better advertisers. It only makes sense that they want their name associated with sites that provide value. They’ll also may be basing their payouts on the traffic to your website. Generating more views with better content will directly effect your monetization through advertising.

High Quality Content is a Quick Way to Gain Authority

There’s no easier way to establish authority within your niche than high quality content. It helps position your business as an information source that has its finger on the pulse of the industry. This is especially true now that social media is so prevalent. When a content piece is relevant and useful people will make a note of it and share it with others. This creates a domino effect that can position your business as a thought leader.

Low Cost, High Return

If all of the benefits above haven’t swayed you maybe this will – content is low cost and has a great return on your investment. In one study inbound marketing with content lowered the cost per lead by 13%. It can also be repurposed in many ways for social media, emails, presentations, white papers, etc.

There are many elements that go into high quality content, and they can change depending on the type and purpose of the content. But taking the time to produce relevant, useful content will certainly pay off.

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