One response to “25 Simple Ways to Save Money Over the Holidays”

  1. ldlroca284

    These are all great ways to save money during the holidays. I plan to do a lot of baking this season because I’ve found so many recipes that I want to try. Plus, it’s going to be cheaper for me to give baked goods to neighbors and coworkers at DISH instead of going out and buying them all something. As for my close family, I’m buying the majority of their gifts online so that I can save money on gas. So far, I got a great deal on a DISH Sling Adapter for my family. With that connected to our DVR, we can stream live TV or our DVR recordings to multiple mobile devices. I know my husband could use it since he has a long commute on the train everyday to work, and my kids will love it when they’re dying of boredom while running errands with me –lol! As for wrapping paper, I bought it all on clearance last year!

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