3 Horrible Niche Blogging Mistakes – Use Your Head

Niche blogging is one of the most popular hobbies, income streams, and carefully crafted online marketing tactics affiliate marketers are using today.   It’s safe to say no matter where you live in the world you can easily get into niche blogging.  The only thing you need is an internet connection, domain name, and web hosting service.  You essentially just need to learn how to start a blog and you will be good to go.  Lots of people dive into this and make a number of mistakes with niche blogging.

Mistakes of Niche Blogging

Is There A Market?

There has to be a market for your niche blog.  This means people have to be actively looking for the material that your blog will cover.  If there is no market for your niche blog don’t be surprised if your blog doesn’t take off.  I don’t say this to sound mean or anything, but what is the point of writing about something no one cares about?  Just because your interested in something doesn’t mean others will be.

Lack of keyword research can mean you’ll waste a lot of your efforts in creating a blog that no one ever reads.  So my idea would be to use the Google Keyword tool and make sure you type in keywords that are related to your niche.  If there are thousands and thousands of searches each month for your niche you can bet people are interested in it.

For example, you could blog about golf.  There are people that are always looking for tactics to improve their golf game, products, and even “how to” guides on improving various elements of golf.  So if you go to Google and use their free keyword tool and you see keywords that get lots of monthly searches it could be worth your while to seek out this niche.

Be Passionate About Your Niche Blog

Get a TypePad accountAnother thing people commonly overlook is whether or not they are passionate about their niche.  If it’s just something you want to do, but really doesn’t interest you, you are killing yourself before you even get started.  So grab a pen and paper and jot down all of your hobbies.  Once you identify your hobbies it will help you drastically in choosing a topic to blog about.

Over the years I have started niche blogs that I really didn’t care about.  For instance, in the health niche I created a blog that was about fad diets.  Did I really care about fad diets?  No.  I ultimately failed because my blog was just created to make money, but it was like pulling teeth to update it.  Niche blogging should not be something that feels like work..  Trust me people do this all the time because they want to make money online.

Keep It Niche Related

All to commonly people will seek out a niche blog and try to dab into so many different niches.  For instance, a bad example of a blog would be to have a section on food, sports, fashion, personal success, and cars.  Why is this bad?  Because none of those are directly related.  People that look for information on places to eat will not care about cars or vice versa.

So if your going to take up niche blogging make sure you have it narrowed down to one topic rather than a smorgasbord of different topics that are not related.  This is also imperative because your going to get your blog ranked in Google.  Google will have no clue about what your niche blog is about and more often than not choose to not rank your niche blog.  Why is this because you confuse Google and if you confuse Google they’ll just ignore your blog altogether.

A good example that is niche related is basicblogtips.com because its clear and to the point.  People are always looking for blogging tips and tricks and this site does a wonderful job at helping others find the information they are seeking.  You see what I mean by making it niche related.

I have seen people making blogging mistakes time and time again.  It drives me up the wall when I talk to a blog niche owner that makes the above mistakes.  Just remember to keep those three important tidbits of things to avoid and you can easily operate a successful niche blog.  Lastly, just try to have fun with it and don’t worry about the money in the beginning because successful blogs take quite some time to get going.

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  1. You are right on with this post. Especially point #2 — be passionate about your niche. And not only that, but write about what you know — don’t try to be an authority on a topic about which you know nothing as your readers can tell.

  2. Hi Garen!

    I remember back when I thought that having a niche was pretty lame. Boy was I wrong about that!

    Thanks for mentioning Basic Blog Tips. My blog is pretty much “super niche”. 🙂

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