3 Important Social Media Websites Bloggers Usually Forget

The recent buzz in the blogosphere on the importance of good social signals on a website has attracted a lot of attention and brought about a significant difference in the way people approach blogging. Typically people use social media sites to interact with others but in recent times, various social platforms have seen a lot of advertisers and bloggers who are looking for ways to attract visitors and fans, get readers to share their pages, post links to their latest blogs and join their social community. While social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ have become bloggers hangout zone, there are a few great social platforms that are being neglected by bloggers who rather stick to the well known social media outlets. This article looks at the three important and heavily populated social media sites that bloggers often forget to use in driving traffic back to their websites:


Linked in has 277 million members in over 200 countries and territories yet only a few bloggers are able to see the power of this number. It is no surprise that many blogger often overlook LinkedIn perhaps because it is branded a website for professionals who also happen to use the same services you are selling. If a person is blogging about their business ideas, politics, the economy, and local events and products, this is a good place to find new readers. The more active a blogger is on LinkedIn the more people he will attract. There are various groups to join where you are able to ask, answer questions and even post a sample of the content from your blog. This simply means that any “professional’s” question you answer is an automatic visitor and a potential buyer.

Friends with Friendster

While the site Friendster may not to very popular in the United States, people all over the world are signing up with accounts on this site. This site is very popular in Asia and has over 90 millions users in Asia alone and many of its users read and understand English. If you have a blog that focuses on gaming and entertainment, you should be on this site which is quite popular with gamers and those looking for the latest information in entertainment. “Fishing in a water with 90 million potential fishes and a few fishermen actively engaged in fishing stands a better chance of success than deep-diving in an ocean with plenty of fish and lots of fishermen. With all the people that use Friends with Friendster, it is worthwhile to set up a free account to attract people to the blog’s website.


Right, majority of Orkut users reside in India and Brazil and between these countries there are over 80 million people that use this social media site. The site is run by Google. This is a great place to sign up for a free account and post relevant links to your blog. With all these people on Orkut, there are many different interests and people abound who will surely take notice of your articles.
this is by no means all the overlooked blogs but are some of the social media website with millions of followers and potential buyers that are often neglected by bloggers. While they many not be well known to everyone, millions of people use these sites on a daily basis. Since these social media sites are free to join and free to use, they are worth the time and effort of any blogger that decides to explore these territories. All that is needed is to update the sites often and post a relevant link to your blog and you could see fresh visitors and potential buyers you had never thought of.

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