3 Things Your Home Business Needs

Running a business from home can be a juggling act in terms of time and space. Work hours and office space often fit in around the hustle and bustle of home life. But with a little organisation a home business is the lifestyle choice that many crave. So to make it easier, here are three things your home business needs.

Dedicated space

Whether it’s an alcove, a study, a shed or purpose built workspace, having a dedicated area where you conduct business is a necessity on a number of levels.

It allows you to create a work zone where business transactions are conducted and finalised, meaning when you enter that space you are there to work, away from the distractions of family life.

Ideally it is a quiet room, zone or even separate onsite building, where you are free from interruption, and can lay out your papers, work on your computer and store your products without having to clear them from the dining table come dinner time.

This also allows for clarity, particularly with young children, letting them know that this area is a no-go zone, free from Peppa Pig toys and racing cars where Mum or Dad go “to work” quietly.

If your home business includes a large shed or separate office premises where cars come and go, you will also require adequate parking space, with Councils assessing the provision of this when you apply to register your business from a private address.


From filing cabinets to shelving, document security crates, and even pallet racking for larger home businesses, adequate storage is a must-have.

Carefully considered storage options allow you to operate your business at maximum efficiency, knowing exactly what is where for when you need it.

Any good office supply store can sort you out with basic folders, files and folios, but if you’re enterprise is a little bigger, storage solution companies such as Elbowroom have some great options for shelving, document storage and filing cabinets.

For businesses needing a more heavy-duty option, they also have comprehensive pallet racking
options, allowing you to access your products swiftly every time.

Computers and IT

From a good internet connection to dedicated business lines and computers, the success of a home business comes down to its ability to liaise with the outside world without hiccups.

For some home businesses it will be as simple as having an extra phone line, high speed internet and a single computer. But for others the IT side of things needs to be sorted out early and professionally, and may include dedicated software, servers, and networked computers and photocopiers.

It may also include extra security around your home business site, including alarm systems and security.

Running a business from home is what many people dream of, combining a flexible work ethos with family life. It doesn’t mean having to turn your whole house upside down either- just finding a zone and utilising it efficiently, using storage, technology and space to suit your business needs.

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