3 Tips For Driving Traffic To Your Website

Driving traffic to your website is never easy. You never really know what’s going to work and what’s going to fail. Of course, if you’re a business that relies heavily on the success of your website, then you may be looking for a few options. Below you’ll find three ways to help drive much needed traffic to your website and potentially earn a lot of new customers in the process.

Write Good Content

First and foremost, your website should be filled with good, useful content that actually provides value to the consumers. Good content does two things:

  1. Makes your site more professional and readable
  2. Gets you up higher on relevant Google searches

People are always more inclined to read good content, especially if it’s something that speaks to their needs. If you’re trying to sell a product, don’t just use a few bullet points to list the qualities. Actually write a thoughtful, interesting piece that either piques the interest of your customer or makes them remember your name.

Good content can also improve your page ranking on relevant Google searches. If you own a cake shop in Baltimore, then your content needs to reflect that. With Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm, you also need to have plenty of interesting content to be benefitted. Having good content may be difficult and may need to hire an outside service, but it will definitely be worth it.

Use Guest Posting or Backlinks

Guest posting and backlinks are easy ways to drive traffic to your website. They essentially allow you to publish content on external websites or blogs. These other websites are often frequently visited and they can give you a boost in viewership in their own right. They are also usually relevant to theme of your website or business. For instance, if you have bakery website, you could get your content published on a cooking blog.

But, backlinks also help boost your page rankings on Google. Google will recognize that your website is linked on other reputable websites and you will accordingly see an uptick in page rankings. This, of course, will drive traffic to your website.

Get a Wikipedia Page

This might seem like a difficult concept to relate to, because Wikipedia isn’t usually a place for driving traffic to external websites. But having a high-quality Wikipedia page is something that could get your business noticed. Wikipedia is the fifth-most popular website on the internet, and you may notice that Wikipedia frequently shows up in the top 3 of any search. If you have a Wikipedia page, it would make you more visible to potential consumers, especially if your official website isn’t as high on Google searches. In most cases, a Wikipedia page will be higher than your official website, but you can link to your website from Wikipedia.

Of course, it’s not easy to get a Wikipedia page for your business, but it’s something that could certainly drive traffic to your website. It also gets your name out there and ensures that more people will find you and potentially buy your products or use your services.

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Written by Roland Wilson, an undergraduate student at the University of Texas. Website traffic, search engine optimization, and all things dealing with website development and marketing are on his list of educational topics to share with the world.

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