3 Ways to Better Manage a Remote Team

Technology has all but completely changed the landscape of business. No longer is it a necessity to show up at a brick and mortar office, as anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can instantly be connected with the rest of their team no matter where they are.

Working remotely doesn’t come without its fair share of problems though. A lot can go wrong if things aren’t handled properly, and many business owners don’t take the time to really dig in and streamline their remote workflow. Managing a remote team may come with some hassles, but it can be a great way to operate if you take the right approach.

Use Remote Desktop Software

If there’s one thing that’s truly difficult about working with a remote team, it’s communicating an idea properly. Sometimes you really need to show things to people rather than try to explain them over the phone, which is where remote desktop software comes in. When used correctly, this type of software can be very effective at allowing you to share screens with those who are out of the office and actually show them what you’re talking about. Many businesses use this and similar types of software to hold meetings with clients and colleagues, as it’s an excellent way to run a tutorial session. It may take a little while to get everyone up to speed with how to use it, but once you figure it out, it’ll really come in handy.

Hold a Daily Status Meeting

When people aren’t all in the same office as one another, it can be easy for them to lose sight of the daily tasks at hand. Let this go on, and you could soon be dealing with missed deadlines or inadequate job performance. Holding a daily status meeting via Skype or perhaps a conference call will help to ensure that your entire staff is on the same page regarding what needs to get done in order for projects to move forward each day. It doesn’t have to be lengthy, either – a simple 10 to 15 minute check-in at the start of each day is typically all it takes. Just be sure to keep on everyone about attending the meetings, as these things can quickly fall apart if someone doesn’t take charge of enforcing them.

Hire People Who Are Experienced Working Remotely

The golden rule when trying to manage a remote team is to work with those who will help, not hinder your daily workflow. One issue that business owners often run into when hiring new employees is the fact that many people simply aren’t up on the concept of working remotely, or they’ve never had the chance to give it a shot before. If you have to take a great deal of your time just to teach someone the basics of working remotely, however, you’re not going to be doing yourself any favors. Instead, hire a staff of employees that are experienced with remote communication and project management, as doing so will make your life a whole lot easier.

Working remotely can open up a lot of doors for any business, but you’ve got to make sure you’re on the right track with your management skills.

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