3 Ways You Can Save Money

Most people work very hard to earn a living. Unfortunately, many also waste their hard-earned cash without realizing it. If you’re looking to free up money for investments, vacations or shopping, learn three key ways you can save a little green.

Credit Cards

Each year, Americans spend millions of dollars on interest fees related to credit cards. Not only do these unnecessary costs divert money from investment opportunities and vacation plans, they force lifestyle restrictions that can put people at serious risk. According to research published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, when people have credit card debt, they’re less apt to seek medical care for physical problems. By making a strong, focused effort to pay down your credit card balances, you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars each year. What’s more, by recommitting this saved money to an investment plan, you can completely turn your finances around and generate a brighter long-term outlook for you and your family.


Each year, American corporations generate billions of dollars in revenue by selling prepackaged water to consumers. Sadly, this comes at the expense of American families who waste their money on water that’s actually no different than what comes from their taps. Consumer Reports magazine recently published a report which showed that bottled water isn’t any purer than what’s found in the municipal water supply. Rather than waste cash on bottled water, the consumer advocate suggests that consumers buy at-home filters, which remove about 99 percent of toxins and impurities.


For most people, a wedding is a huge moment that inspires significant enthusiasm. Unfortunately, studies indicate this excitement tends to promote serious overspending. According to research from VISA, just under 90 percent of couples overspend on their wedding ceremonies and receptions. This is a particularly disturbing trend, since it usually creates early debt that can follow new couples for decades.

Interestingly, surveys indicate that people tend to misallocate their wedding budgets by spending the most money on the wrong things. According to statistics from New York Magazine, most brides ultimately regret spending so much of their budgets on things like decorations and flowers. Instead, the majority say they wished they’d spent more on professional wedding photography.

According to wedding photographer Arnaud Brichet, it’s quite common for brides and grooms to place an emphasis on the wedding itself, without thinking much about the aftermath.

“A lot of people focus on their wedding day instead of thinking about their actual marriages,” he said. “Once the ceremony and reception have concluded, you have a marriage and a life. So, it’s critical that new couples set a reasonable wedding budget and adhere to it throughout the entire process.”

Founder of the Punta Cana wedding photography company HDC Photo, Brichet says couples also tend to undervalue the significance of photography, because they don’t appreciate the importance of capturing their ceremonies.

“All couples want their weddings to go perfectly,” he said. “With that being said, once the events are over, your photographs are going to be the only physical link you have to that special day. Decades down the line, you’ll be very happy you spent more on capturing the day instead of buying more expensive food, flowers or extra decorations.”

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RJ Lawrence writes for 6COM Media. Thanks to Punta Cana wedding photographer Arnaud Brichet for contributing to this story.

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