3 Ways to Ensure Your Passwords are safe and secure

To have your online properties locked in a safe place on the internet requires that you restrict access to it by using a password to guard it. Though you might have a password to secure your important files and documents online, but the adequacy of the security you will get solely depends on how strong and secure that password is.

Hacking has been so much popularized and misused these days, and this calls for internet users to ensure that they do whatever it takes to strengthen the security of their online passwords. Now, the issue is how can users strengthen the security of the passwords they use to protect their documents? Below are some tips on how you can make your passwords stronger and safer in this article.

Use Alphanumeric Passwords

Alphanumeric passwords consist of numbers and letters. As opposed to using passwords that consists of letters alone, these types of passwords wield stronger security and can take more than hundred times it would take an ordinary form of password before brute force attack can defeat it.

Almost all email service providers recommend using numeric figures to complement your passwords. But, while choosing your passwords, you have to make sure the figures and letters you are using are memorable to you howbeit difficult for others to guess.

If your passwords are only made up of letters, you risk getting hacked anytime from now – you should use numbers to strengthen the security of your passwords before it’s too late.

Fight Viruses and Spywares in Your PC

Another way to make sure your passwords are strong and secure enough to keep your internet files safe and intact is to fight viruses and spywares in every computer you use to browse the internet. Viruses swim on the internet now, and no site is secure enough to be free off viruses. It’s you who have to ensure you have a way to shield viruses from your computer.

If your computer does not have an antivirus or a spyware monitoring program like Norton and Verisign – you should try to download one today. There are programs that can even help you keep record of how viruses are caught and where they were caught so that you can avoid visiting such websites again. To get these programs, you might like to use a discount coupon or promo discount code that helps you get a cheaper deal.

Never Share Your Passwords

Sharing your passwords with others is a sure way to weaken the security of your passwords. While trust bonds relationship, sharing your passwords with your friends can pose a threat to your internet security life and get you into unimaginable troubles.

If there is anything you want someone to help you with, which requires that you share your passwords with them, you must change it before and after doing so. This will help you make sure you are the only one that has access to your original password.


Your passwords are very important things to you. The way you handle your passwords might determine how your experience on the internet will be. You should ensure you follow these tips religiously to if you want be safe online.

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