3 Ways to Strike It Rich.

A lot of people think that getting rich is a combination of luck, skill, and divine intervention. Some want to get rich from one amazing idea that gets executed perfectly and somehow leads to money in their pocket overnight. And these things have been known to happen, but are exceedingly rare.

Much more commonly, to make the big money you have to come up with a plan and work at fixing up all the leaks and problems with that plan for years until it can be executed. And even the execution is going to take a lot of time and work before the wealth comes pouring in. Here are 3 fast-paced ways to get towards that brass ring in a hurry.

1 – Put Your Name Out There

One thing that telesales industry giant, Billy Mays did was create a name for himself. He didn’t have to make all the products he sold, he just had to be the guy you knew that could sell them. By working on creating a name for himself as a person that saw a good idea coming and could present that idea to a wide market, he was able to leverage his own product -himself- into millions of homes. You might not have ever purchased a Billy Mays endorsed product, but you still know who he is, and that is the whole point.

2 – Build a Reputation

The best part of hard work and diligence is when you can create something that people come back to time and time again. Brand loyalty was once considered the gold-standard of the marketing world. And with good reason. Whether you are offering a service or a product, being able to deliver consistency will build a reputation and selling a reputation can be much easier than trying to convince anyone about the substance or quality of your products/services. If you think about any local businesses, not corporate franchises, the ones that immediately come to mind are the ones that have paid the most in advertising and the ones you have ‘heard good things’ about. Reputation can even outlast the life of the person that started it, just ask Edison.

3 – Deliver a Better Product

If you don’t want to be the center of attention and cannot put in the time to build up a reputation, then it is time to create something that everyone else already makes but just do a better (or different) job at it. Pizza chains have been competing for the same market with the same product for years and the only differences they can offer is the perception of their product. If you make a pizza that fits in a certain price range and has a certain quality of taste, well then you have a whole spectrum of repeat customers ready to order again and again. The product doesn’t have to be better, it just has to be presented in a way that makes the consumer prefer it. The tech industry is full of extremely similar devices with competitive price ranges and qualities, what separates them is the perception people have of the product they offer.


Some believe you have to be hit by a car so you can hire a personal injury attorney, or that you have to come up with the next great invention. You don’t have to invent the wheel to strike it rich in the modern day, you just have to come up with a way of selling a better wheel that everyone knows you for. And that is capitalism in motion.

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