3 Ways To Use Physical Advertising To Your Business’s Advantage

In the days of the internet and multiple mobile devices, physical advertising can often take a back seat. However, this trusted marketing ally still has a lot to offer both you and your business when it comes to creating exposure and driving people through the front door of your premises. Unlike other forms of advertising; there is no getting away from this physical form of marketing. You cannot click on a tiny ‘x’ to make it disappear from sight or throw it in the bin as soon as it drops through the door; it is there for the world to see and can be very effective indeed.

Certain forms of physical advertising, such as leaflets handed out in the street, may be deemed old fashioned and outdated in today’s society but there are a few others that are definitely still worth considering.

An On-Street Sign –

Signs of this kind are often used by establishments whose premises are difficult to find. It may be that they are just off the high street or that they are hidden away in an area that receives very little footfall, but either way, on-street signs can help to drive customers your way. They can also be used in other ways, for example displaying your special offers and great prices that customers would not otherwise know about.

If you walk through any commercial area of town you are likely to see plenty of these signs, but it’s always the striking and unique ones that stand out. This could be because of the sign itself or the words you decide to use on it, but either way they’re great at driving people in your direction.

Large Vinyl Banners –

When it comes to physical advertising it’s often the case that the bigger your message is then the more impact it will have, and the best way to convey your message in a big way is by putting it on a large vinyl banner in a busy area of town. Banners like this almost demand to be noticed and even if you don’t even consciously know it, you’re likely to find yourself reading them. You will have the space to give as much detail that you need in order to get your message across to your potential customers who will struggle to ignore it.

The rest is all about where you place your banner. A high vantage point is always a good choice as you have the luxury of it still being decipherable from a distance, but it’s also important to find somewhere with a captive audience. A busy high-street or bustling pedestrian route could be just what you need.

Roadside Billboards –

Roadside billboards have been around for years but they still provide a great platform for you to reach a large number of potential customers with your business message. We spend hundreds of hours every year in our cars and so this is something that it seems common sense to take advantage of. These billboards work largely in the same way as the on-street signs mentioned earlier except the street is usually a lot busier and bigger.

They can either direct people to your establishment which is situated at ‘the next left turn’ or ‘3 miles ahead’, or they can simply display a message regarding a specific event or offer. The passive, almost hypnotic, state of mind that we enter into when we are driving provides the perfect environment for us to become susceptible to advertising like this; making it a lucrative form of marketing.

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