4 Apps to Download Now to Help You Prepare for the Holiday Season

It’s just about that wonderful time of the year once again – yes, the kids are back in school, the temperatures are dropping, the leaves are changing and it’s time to start preparing for this year’s holiday season!

Think it’s a little too early to be thinking about the holidays? Think again, because the earlier you prepare for the season, the better off you’ll be. First things first, though – you’ll want to get your smartphone ready to be your companion come Black Friday when it’s time to start the holiday shopping! You’ll also want it handy when it’s time to plan your meals or book flights to get to your family members.

Prepare now by downloading and familiarizing yourself with these apps specifically built to help you feel ready to take on the holiday season.

Gift List Budget Shopper

This wonderful app will help you track and manage the gift list of everyone you need to shop for this upcoming holiday season. For just $1.99 in the app store, you can prepare yourself way ahead of time by saving gift ideas for each person, mapping out how much each item will cost you, at what stores you’ll find the item at as well as your overall budget for your holiday shopping.

As you buy items, you can keep track of how much you’ve spent and how much of your budget you have left to spend, so that you can be sure you have all the items you need at prices that fit your budget.


If you’re planning on traveling for this holiday season, you’ll want FlightView up and running to make sure your travel plans stay on schedule and get you to your destination safely and quickly.

The app can be found for free in the iTunes store, or a deluxe version is sold on the creator’s website for just $3.99. What FlightView provides you with is real-time, up to the minute updates on the status of incoming and outgoing flights as well as weather updates across the country.

You can store your flight itineraries right within the app itself to make it easier for you to manage your busy travel schedule, and you can easily search for alternative flights should you miss one of yours (which you’ll know about well in advance with this app). You can even share itineraries with friends and family so that everyone stays updated as to your whereabouts and flight statuses.


Not sure what to cook for your holiday feast if you’re hosting? Use Epicurious, found for free in the iTunes store, to help give you some ideas, inspirations and finally finished products.

Epicurious allows you to search for recipes based on ingredients that you already have, or that you’d like to include in your dish. You can bookmark and save your favorite recipes as you find them so they’re easy to find and manage when it comes time to get the cooking done.

With easy to follow ingredient lists and instructions, your smart phone or tablet won’t leave your side in the kitchen this holiday season. You can even read reviews of the recipe before you get going to get suggestions for any measurement adjustments or overall opinions of the dish.

Show Me Decorating

A perfect app for helping you have the best-dressed Christmas tree in your neighborhood, Show Me Decorating can be found in the iTunes App store for just $2.99.

This app offers step by step instructions, guides and instructional videos to help you decorate a perfect Christmas tree for your home. You can learn everything from the simplest to the most intricate designs for your tree, then take photos of the finished product and share with friends and family!

The app will help you select an overall theme for decorating your tree and teach you the exact steps you need to take to execute it.

Ann Michaels is a freelance writer who loves to prepare for the holidays. She mainly gets excited to set up her life size Santa displays for her kids, but now with the technology of her smart phone, she’s looking forward to using her helpful apps to have the best holiday season she’s ever had!

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