4 Backlinks Any Future Super Blogger Needs In Abundance For Targeted Visitors

When you start a new blog the most important thing is getting targeted visitors. You can build all the backlinks you want and shout your website name out from the rooftops, but if you don’t get the right people back to your site it’s all for nothing. It doesn’t matter if you have 20,000 visitors per month if they won’t buy anything. For some reason this is very hard for people to accept. It’s as if they are only satisfied by the numbers on their analytics and they don’t care about the money in their bank account. But not you.

You want to do it the right way. You want people on your site who want to buy something, because you know it’s better to have a hundred targeted visitors than a thousand random ones. But the trouble you’re having is getting them. You want to get visitors without doing any work and you want to leave backlinks in the right places. That’s what we’re going to be talking about today and once you’ve finished reading you’ll be able to take your business to the next level.

Get on the news

It doesn’t have to be too hard to get mentioned on a news site these days. The only hard part is coming up with a good enough story that people will want to talk about you. If you can think of something excellent to say you are already half way home. Once you have your topic you should craft a good press release, then choose a good company like PRWeb to distribute it. Journalists from all over should pick it up and speak about it on their website. Straight away you can a powerful backlink and some instant traffic. The people that come will also view you as an authority because the news recommended you and will be more likely to buy.

Guest posting

Another easy way to get a powerful backlink is by writing an article for someone else’s website. At the end of the article you are usually always allowed a few links back to your site. As mentioned in the previous example, being recommended by someone in authority also gives you a little boost in traffic because their own readers will want to come and check you out. If your article is well written and people love it you should see traffic coming back to your site for years. That’s a nice little earner. Get a few of these right and it can propel you to the top of the food chain.

Becoming friendly with someone

People love nothing more than to talk about their friends with other people. If you’re doing great things and have a friendship with a respected blogger you can be guaranteed you will find backlinks to your site being left everywhere. This either happens when they talk about you on places like social media, or when their followers end up sharing your link even more and it goes semi-viral. But how do you become friends with them? Just like how you’d become friends with them in real life. It’s no secret and anyone can do it.

Have a great product to sell

Once you have your own product you can start asking other people to sell it for you. Make them an affiliate and people will go out of their way to drive traffic to your site. They will get paid for the privilege, but you probably wouldn’t have made those sales without them anyway. Once people land on your site you won’t have to look for them anymore. If they like your stuff they will come back. Even if they don’t buy they could do so down the line. Just keep them really happy so they never want to leave.

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