4 Career Paths For Passionate Writers

For some people writing is a chore. They go through school cursing every time they are handed are blank piece of paper and asked to fill it, and then hope that they are never asked to do it again once they’ve left. For others however, writing is a passion; something that allows them a release for their emotions and an escape from the stressful world around them.

But if you are a keen writer it can be hard to turn what is essentially a hobby into a way of making money. The 21st century does offer plenty of ways to do this though; it’s just a case of finding the perfect outlet for you and taking the plunge. So whether you are fresh out of university and don’t know which route to take your writing degree down or you want to make money out of something you have enjoyed doing on the side for so long; here are some great career paths for aspiring writers.

Journalism –

Journalism is the obvious choice if you have taken a degree in this discipline but you can also find your way into this industry without these qualifications. Granted it will be a lot more difficult but if it is really something you want to do then it will be worth it. The best place to start is your local paper. Visit their office and see if you can shadow one of their writers or editors for a couple of weeks in order to learn the ropes.

This is likely to be an unpaid role but it will be great experience. Journalism will provide a great platform for your writing and will give you the chance to break out from behind the desk.

Blogger –

A few years ago, if someone had said that you could make money from simply writing your opinions down and then publishing them on the internet you would be right to call them crazy, but not these days. Now that blogging has really taken off around the world it has turned into a legitimate way to make an income. There are even people who have managed to become famous by doing this.

You can build revenue by asking people to pay a small fee in order for you to blog about their products or business, selling advertising space on your website or simply writing in a way that you make a name for yourself and people are queuing up to have you endorse them.

Public Relations –

A public relations specialist is the perfect role for someone that loves writing as this is something you will be doing on a daily basis. You can even find an agency that deals with clients who operate in an industry that you have an interest in.

For example, if you are a fan of technology then there is the opportunity to join a specialist tech PR agency or if you have a strong interest in fashion there are agencies that deal solely in this too. Your writing will develop in leaps and bounds as you learn new disciplines, discover the key to writing a great press release and meet plenty of exciting new people.

Content Marketing –

Marketing has many different forms and with the rise of internet businesses and a general turn towards E-commerce; content marketing is the most popular at the moment. It involves creating awareness for a company through regularly distributing relevant content that then gets published on the internet and hopefully shared on social media.

Through this content you can answer any burning questions that consumers may have as well as establishing the company as a thought leader in their industry. Links are also built that lead back to the company’s website in order to help it perform better in the search engine results.

A role like this would be great for someone who is interested in writing for a variety of different industries and expanding their knowledge on many subjects.

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Chris Mayhew is a keen writer who always wanted to turn his hobby into a career. After graduating university with a degree in creative writing he found a great job in content marketing. He would recommend that anyone looking to enter into the PR industry visits the Éclat Marketing website.

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  1. It is heartening to see that more avenues are opening up for passionate writers. Journalism alone while competitive is also low-paying at the same time. Freelancing and blogging is emerging as a viable option for writers to continue doing what they like doing and make decent money at the same time

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