4 Myths About Logo Designing

If anything, logos have come a long way in differentiating a business from its competitors in a persuasive manner. Logos have the potential to enhance business for your organization if used in the appropriate ways. Though millions of logos have been designed and a lot is said about designing logos, yet there are some prevalent myths that hurt its real cause more than anything else. To help you avoid some of these grave mistakes, the four common myths about logo design are being discussed to help you with your future logo designs.

A logo is a reflection of the products and services a company provides

If you see a foreign flag of a country you hardly know anything about, then will the conditions of the company be evident on the flag? If the flag cannot tell you about the conditions of the country, then how will a logo do the same for its company? A logo does not tell you about what a company does and it shouldn’t either.

A far away cry from what is prevalent, a logo does not in any way happen to be a storytelling platform. Its primary purpose is identification. It simply differentiates a company from others. Nothing else apart from it.

A logo needs to be equipped with a symbol

Symbols may at times be necessary but to regard them as being imperative is nothing but a myth. You can look around and see that many famous brands do not contain a symbol. Examples include FedEx and Sony.

However, it also implies that logos should not always be without symbols. At times, companies may come up with a symbol that is memorable than the company itself. Possible examples are Nike, Apple, and Pepsi. In some other cases, a symbol may act as an obstacle if it turns out to be a surplus decoration. Such decorations do not add any value or meaning.

Hence, a symbol in a logo should only be used when it needs to represent something that is of importance to a company. If that is not the case, then do opt for typographical solutions.

In short, a symbol is not a must!

Using only the logo can be cool

There is one main thing to do if you want to gain recognition: repetition. Repetition serves as a great tool of learning. You will able to recognize many symbols if you look at them often for a few days. It is that easy. But when it comes making the same thing work for logos, companies end up paying millions of dollars in advertising and promotion.

This is why Nike and Apple have become so popular. Their logos were repeated so many times that it is not possible anymore not to associate those names with their companies. They do not have any magical powers for your attention.

Hence, if you want to use symbols, also make sure that the company’s name is there. Without the name you cannot create awareness about what the company stands for.

A timeless logo is a must

Though it would be a good thing if this can be accomplished, yet you need to know that logos cannot last forever. They age and once they age, they require plastic surgery. Many established companies have changed their logos over time with iterations that displayed an improved look. There are any examples such as IBM and Shell.


The truth is that customers do not care for logos. All they want to know is whether the company will be able to deliver up to their expectations or not. When you create a logo next time, disregard these myths and ensure that you use the basic principles of good design.

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