4 Steps to Maximize Your Kitchen Space

An older photo of the kitchen. Has the old floors in this pic.
Most kitchens are in a constant state of change.

It is the room that requires the most cleaning, stores the greatest number of things and the one that is hardest to keep organized.

You tell yourself that you will make sure you have a bigger kitchen the next time you move, but it is stressing you out now. What can you do?

What you need to do is take the amount of kitchen space you have now and make the most of it. It may take a little work but it is very freeing to have a place for everything and not feel cluttered anymore. Follow these steps for a stress free kitchen.

The Purge

The first part of the process is usually the hardest. You have to go through everything in your kitchen and get everything you don’t need on a monthly basis out of there.

Let me ask you this. Where is your vacuum right now? You probably said in your closet or even in the basement. Something that you use on a weekly basis is put away because it would get in the way otherwise. However, if you open your kitchen cabinets, I bet you will find serving bowls, appliances and more that you do not use more than twice a year. Do yourself a favor and pack it up and put it in the basement. That alone may clear up more space than you need.

Once you have your cabinets purged of things you don’t use very often, go through your pantry. Throw away anything that is expired and leave out stuff that is getting older so that you can use it soon. How your pantry looks after you’ve done this is how it should always look. Stop buying food until you have cleared space for it. This will ensure that you use everything that you buy and will keep your pantry clutter-free.

Inventory and Sort

The next step is much simpler. Sorting things correctly will keep you more organized because you will know where everything is. It is an easy concept. Put all of your boxed foods together, all of your spices, all of can goods and jars, etc.

Next, take out all of the appliances you use every day and give them the countertop space. Your cappuccino maker may look very nice, but if you use your toaster everyday and the cappuccino maker once a week, it’s going to keep everything in it’s place more often if you give the toaster the prime location. Once your daily use appliances are out, put everything else you can away in order of convenience.

Just because you have more countertop space, doesn’t mean you should use it. Counters are meant for food preparation. If you have plenty of open counter space, you will never have to move things in order to use the space.

In-Cabinet Organizers

The next step is a little different for everyone. Unless you have a big kitchen, even with the proper organization, you could probably use more cabinet space. Look through your cabinets and counters and take note of which items are taking up more space than you would like.

A lot of us have a cabinet full of spices. They take up a lot of shelf space but don’t fill the entire cabinet. What you need is a spice organizer. You can buy then to stack in your cabinet, hang from it or even to attach to your pantry.

Likewise, there are solutions out there for anything you need to clear off your counters or out of your cabinets. For example, you may have wine bottles piling up on your counters. Wine Logic makes a wine rack that installs in your cabinet to hold 18 bottles of wine,horizontally, in just the bottom part of your cabinet.

Corner Shelves

If you are still having trouble fitting everything in the space that you have, another solution is to install corner shelves. Corner shelves can be made to match your cabinets and will install on the outside of them to add additional shelf space. If done right, they will look like they were originally meant to be there.

Don’t let your messy, unorganized kitchen stress you out anymore. Maximizing your space and get into the habit of keeping it that way.

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