4 Tips for Efficient Web Design

If you’re building your own website, you’re probably already aware that how it looks is just as important as how it functions. But what guidelines should you follow for a neat, professional-grade website? What unspoken rules are all newbies expected to follow? Here are four tips for building a layout that pops.

1: Know Your Color Psychology

There’s a reason a third of all social media websites are blue. Blue is a calming, soothing color, and it causes you to lose track of time in your relaxed state. This, of course, is exactly what the companies want.

2: Add Lots of Images

Large chunks of text are just begging visitors to skip over them in impatience or indifference. Maintain peak visual interest by stuffing your site with various types of pictures, graphs, logos, infographics and animations.

3: Add A Navigation Bar

Don’t make your visitors click the back button a dozen times to get back to their favorite page. Include either sidebar links or a drop-down menu that will allow them to peruse your site with efficiency.

4: Make It Accessible

Does your site look the same on phones, tablets and laptops? Does the design get squished? Do elements fail to load? Make sure users on all platforms can enjoy your hard work.

These are just four ways to get your site off the ground when it comes to web design. If you need additional help, or if you’ve run out of inspiration and are looking for new ideas, consider contacting a professional web design company like Retox Digital. They’ll be able to put you on the right track.


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