4 Ways to Use Twitter for a Purpose

There’s more to Twitter than being a platform used to vent frustrations or share day-to-day random encounters.

It definitely has several uses which you can maximize to make your life easier and better, without shedding bucks.


Do you own a business? Or do you have a friend who needs a hand advertising his business?

Perhaps you have plenty of followers. Or you decided to make your account public. You can then use your page to promote goods or services, or anything that you wish would attract attention from a particular group.

For instance, post updates about contest you are holding. Use this as a strategy to gain more followers, and let people know that you exist. This is especially beneficial for those starting their own business and are yet to afford commercial advertising costs.

Aside from advertising purposes, Twitter also can be used to communicate with prospective or existing clients in a faster, more convenient way.

Information sharing

Did you find a useful post?

Twitter is also an avenue that allows you disseminate valuable information. Share links of the page where you read the good news or article for instance. If it is that worthy, your followers are likely to pick them up and their followers in turn might also retweet.

And people will thank you for your initiative to spread good, positive reads. Chances are, you might even gain new followers as they find your posts helpful.

Looking to help

How many times have you read celebrities tweeting about disasters hitting countries, and them asking donations or any form of help for relief operations?

Have you come across a tweet from a stranger asking for help finding missing people or pets, or gathering funds for a costly medical operation to push through?

Twitter unites people for a good cause, that is despite varying beliefs and opinions on matters.

And if you are among these individuals who are always more than willing to reach out to those who need help then congratulations! You have just put your Twitter account to good use.

Follow inspirations

Who here would not be able to use some sort of inspiration?

With all these negativities that we encounter everyday – from news, at the workplace and even at home – there’s no doubt uplifting messages could be of big help. So you can be reminded that things are not really that worse, after all.

Take advantage of whichever way you can use Twitter to help you make feel better. Follow people you look up to as inspirations or accounts that supply its followers with motivational quotes you can ponder on. Drop by their pages just before you start or end your day.

Hunting for jobs

Companies today utilize Twitter to forge connections with their customers.

They also use the social networking site to inform their followers about latest updates on their services, give clients a heads-up on interruptions they might experience, as well as inform people about job opportunities they are opening.

So, dream of working for a particular company? Follow them on their Twitter account today. It might be more updated than their website.

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Esther West is a coder working for PromoteFY, a digital branding agency. She loves kayaking and when she is not busy writing Php or JavaScript codes, you can find her playing with her husky. Living in Toronto, she aspires to work as a digital nomad for as long as possible.

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