5 Apps That Will Help You Save Energy And Money Instantly

5 Apps That Will Help You Save Energy and Money Instantly

Let’s face it; technology is being used for just about everything. From saving money to spending money, everything can be tracked and transitioned online. The energy sector is no different, with the opportunity for consumers to now save money via mobile applications and online tracking systems.

No longer are the days where we don’t know how much of energy we are consuming; everything is logged and calculated, tracked or influenced. If you’re looking to save money on energy, your best opportunity would be through the following apps:

The Top Five

1. Hive Active Heating

This application is actually a system and software combination and does cost a penny or two. The installation cost of the monitoring system is approximately $250.00, but the application is free. Hive allows you to control your heating on the go with clever technology that is easy to use and successfully monitor. With this technology, your able to set schedules, adjust temperatures, and turn off system specifications, all from your smart phone or tablet.

2. Kill-Ur-Watts

This application has shown up on multiple websites as one of the most popular mobile apps with energy-saving capabilities. The application was created by KeyLogic Systems and originally came into circulation due to consumer knowledge gaps. The application allows you to view, track, and manage the electricity used in your home – simply put, this app does it all for energy tracking and saving within your home. By providing a very usable interface, graphs, charts, and electricity usage throughout the month and year-to-date, cost-effective energy bills are obtainable.

3. IGO Vampire Calculator

I like this application because it provides important information that is sometimes difficult to calculate and understand. But know that 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, energy is being drawn from devices throughout your home. There is never, “No energy costs,” within your home at a given point in time. The IGO Vampire Calculator acts exactly as it sounds, except instead of measuring blood-sucking devices, the application measures energy-sucking devices. While you’re unable to actually monitor and change the amount of extraction of energy for each device used, you are able to find out what devices are using the most energy and what devices are wasting energy when not in operation.

4. Nest Mobile

This is probably one of the most popular applications used on the market because Nest is a company that pioneered the development of smart thermostats. Although the smart thermostat is not free, the application is free for use with your device. The application allows you to change the temperature of your house or building from your iPhone or iPad anywhere in the world. That’s pretty darn cool to say that you can control your home temperature in the United States from Paris if you want. This also solves a lot of problems with “snow-birds” travelling during the winter and leaving homes vacant during cold winters.

5. Light Bulb Finder

This is a fairly new app that has great potential for usage and revenue generation. The free application for the Android and iPhone users guides you through the quick and easy process of purchasing the best energy efficient bulb for your fixture. The app will provide you with the best recommendation based on cost-savings and environmental impact.

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