5 Apps to Make Your Kids Spend Smarter

kidsMultitudes of mobile and online apps are popping up designed to help youngsters learn how to use their money wisely. They range from adventure games to allowance tracking devices, and it appears that they are incredibly popular with both parents and children. T. Rowe Price claims that in the recent Parents, Kids and Money Survey far more than half of participants thought online games would aid in learning financial savvy behavior. Only fifteen percent of those surveyed said otherwise.

Are Online and Mobile Financial Apps Accessible?

According to Nielsen’s statistics, smartphone owners make merry with fifteen game-playing hours every single month. There are actually more folks considered bona fide gamers in America than there are people saving for retirement. Approximately 61 million people are currently putting up plenty for their retirement. On the other hand, 141 million people fit the ‘gamer’ mold.

Apps’ creators are keeping these numbers in mind when they generate their games; perhaps some are thinking that Americans might need encouragement in building their financial success. Even the U.S. Treasury has noticed the trend and has started a prize-awarding app competition.

Various Financial Games that are Available Online

The Great Piggy Bank Adventure – This game is available online for free. It was developed by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and T. Rowe Price. Although the game is designed to be fun, Mr. Price hopes the game’s usefulness is not dwarfed by its framework. The idea is that by using this tool together, families will discuss financial essentials such as spending wisely and saving.

GoalCard This game is free for Facebook. Geared toward people eighteen and older, this game is of considerable interest to those who might be interested in saving some tangible cash back through game play.

Available Financial Games for iPhone and iPad

Savings Spree Although this game is not free, it is not what most would consider a weighty investment at $2.99 either. Considering that it won the 2011 Parent’s Choice Gold Award, it is probably well worth that kind of minute financial risk. Children from the age of 7 can enjoy this entertaining tool. It explores the important concepts of spending, donating, investing and, of course, saving.

Save! The Game A free app that teaches financial management through a 3D adventure game format, this game offers children the opportunity to put their virtual money in the bank before it is wasted with tempting ‘iWannas’.

iAllowance – Using this tool is great for families who would like to have fun visualizations of how completing a chore turns into cash money. Not necessarily a game, iAllowance is more of a tracking tool.

There are a multitude of financial apps and games available for the iphone and ipad.  And new technology is always on the horizon.  Keep an eye out for Iphone 5 Schutzhülle gear to help you protect your investment as well as new financial apps and games.

The fact is that since statistics show just how many American’s play online and mobile games as compared to how many citizens actually are preparing for their golden years, a few games with financial awareness in mind probably cannot hurt. Perhaps these games will have a positive impact on both the children they are geared for as well as the adults who need to be more monetarily savvy.

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