5 Bad Content Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Website Ranking

Your content can either improve your website ranking or harm it. Why? That’s because some content is good for the search engines, while some others are not. For instance, valuable content that is being liked and shared by your readers is a good content for your website and it can improve your website ranking significantly. But, spam content that is filled with keywords and has low quality of information will only damage your ranking and make your website to be flagged as spam. Now that search engines are pretty tough in their ranking algorithm, your website can be kicked out from the search result very quickly if you’re making deadly mistakes in your content creation. That’s why it is important for you to make sure that your website content can contribute to the betterment of your ranking instead of ruining it. Here are 5 bad content mistakes that will ruin your website ranking:

1.Making Your Content Too Short Or Too Long

Content that is too short won’t be able to give good value for your readers. Can you imagine giving something valuable in 150-300 words? Yes, you can do it. But, it would be very brief and you can’t explain it in detail to your readers. Your readers might misunderstand you just because of your lack of words. On the other hand, content that is too long will only bore your readers. Do you want to read a 2000-3000 words of content in one sitting? Most probably you won’t. Those types of content are not appealing to the search engine. You should give your readers valuable content that can be read in one sitting, yet it is clear and detailed.

2.Spamming Keywords In Your Content

Is it true that placing keywords in your content can improve your website ranking? Yes, it might be true. But, spamming keywords in your content won’t do that. Spamming keywords will only make your content look horrible, and search engines won’t like it as well. What’s the purpose of various Google’s algorithm updates other than to purge low quality content from its search result? This includes content with lots of keywords in it.

3.Being A Duplicate, Copycat, And Plagiarist

If you want to consistently improve your website ranking, you should understand about the importance of having fresh and unique content in your website. Search engines love fresh and unique content because it can satisfy their users. Imagine searching for a specific keyword in the search engine only to find that most of the results are essentially the same content. You will try to find something unique to read. This is the importance of unique content. It gives your website more value to be clicked by the searchers. So, you should avoid putting duplicate content, copy-paste content, and plagiarized content in your website because it will render your website non-valuable.

4.Writing Only For The Search Engines

There is a common mistake made by webmasters in writing their content. They are writing only for the search engines. While it is true that you will need search engine traffic to make money with your website, writing only for the search engines is not the way to get this traffic. You need to write for your audience. You can’t be successful in the search engines if you can’t make your content read by your audience. If it’s not appealing to your readers, then it’s not appealing to the search engines as well. You can find out more about how to write effective web content by clicking here.

5.Creating Low Quality Content Just To Stuff Your Web Site

Updating your website will help you to improve your website ranking; but, only if you’re updating your website with good quality content. What if you’re updating your website with PLR content regularly? Then search engines will consider your website as spam website, and put your website into their blacklist. It means that you’ll lose the chance to get high ranking in their search result. You can’t fill your website with low quality content and expect it to get ranked high by the search engines.

Those are 5 bad content mistakes that will ruin your website ranking. If you want to improve your rank, you should avoid those mistakes in writing your content.

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  1. Nice collection of information regarding content spamming. All the points which you have mentioned are worth noticeable specially, we must take care that there should be no duplicate content in our website. One more thing which I would like to add regarding the content of web page is that we should take care of proper headings as headings are good for both search engines and viewers. We can add our keywords in headings. Other than this, we should also take care of supplementary content of each web page. Every web page must possess different supplementary content. Sometimes people forget to change the supplementary content of website which may cause harm to the website.

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