5 Creative Marketing Campaigns

5 Creative Marketing Campaigns

Marketing is a big part of a successful business strategy and you need to make full use of all the new innovations that technology has provided for the business world. There are a lot of different ways to go about marketing but here are five of the most creative ways you can market your business.Internet marketing word cloud box package

1. Host An Event

You can market your business efficiently by holding an event. You can either use it as a networking event or perhaps hold it together with a local charity and use it as an opportunity to fundraise some money for this charity.

An event is a great way for you to make people aware of your business and it gives you a great opportunity to engage with your customers and the local community.

If you hold a networking event you can also make important contacts with other businesses.

2. Run A Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Your business should also think about running a guerrilla marketing campaign. What this means is that you place your marketing material, such as posters, to locations that might seem like you are ‘taking them over’ and aren’t supposed to be there.

There are many great guerrilla campaigns at the Creative Guerrilla Marketing website and you can check them out to get inspiration. The best ideas are daring and ones that really make people focus their attention to your ad.

3. Create A Helpful App

Apps are also a nice way to market your business and you should look into developing one for your business. It can be something relating to the field your business works in or be directly about buying your products through the app.

There are so many different ways to go about developing an app to your business and you can get a lot of freelance developers to design and develop it for you. The internet is full of opportunities and there are a lot of tools to help you out in developing an app.

4. Make A Promotional Video

One nice way to promote your business is to make a marketing video. You can use this video on your website and social media and with the appropriate tagging it can also provide you more professional SEO.

You can, for instance, produce a series of videos that tell more about your business and the services you provide. Videos are a great way to emit your passion to people and majority of people like watching small clips instead of reading long marketing texts.

Look for a promotional video production in London and you will find out a great company called Corporate Videojug. They are specialised in producing HD videos for marketing purposes and are a great option to consider.

5. Start Using SEO

The really simple way to market your business, and also a very cheap option, is to start using SEO in all of your online content. This can really guarantee your business has a strong online presence and will make sure people can find more information about your business and contact you.

People also use their smartphones a lot these days so make sure your SEO takes this into account as well.

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