5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Savings Account Creeping Up Every Month

In a perfect world you would have a money tree in the back garden and you could pick a few dollars off when you wanted to buy something. Unfortunately money isn’t as easy to come by these days and you must start saving if you want a comfortable future. There are some easy little ways to save money and we’re going to look at them today because you need to stop wasting money right now.

Grow your own food

There are two reasons why I think it’s important to grow your own food. The first reason is obviously the money you’ll save when you don’t need to buy fresh produce from the supermarket. The price of veg always seems to be increasing, so when you start growing your own you’ll save a lot of money over the long-term. It’s also a great way to stay fit and you’ll get to spend a lot of time outdoors. If you can’t think of any other hobbies you’d enjoy you can always turn to gardening.

Stay in good shape

If you don’t keep yourself in good shape you will end up in and out of hospital more than the average fit person. You might have insurance so you won’t end up crippled with debt, but you’ll still end up spending lots of money because of high deductibles. Staying in shape isn’t hard when you’re a little older because you have more time on your hands. You can afford to spend an hour working out every day and you can spend longer in the kitchen cooking healthy meals.

Giving money away

Millions of people around the world struggle on a daily basis and thousands of people ask you to donate money to charity. There is nothing wrong with giving some money away and it does feel great, but you need to choose your charities wisely. Don’t give away any more money than you can comfortably afford and only give it to trustworthy charities. The easiest way to find yourself in trouble is by spending money you can’t afford to lose even if you think you’re doing a good deed.

Love free activities

Just because you leave the house it doesn’t mean you need to spend money. If you take a look around you’ll find there are hundreds of free activities you can partake in. If you live in a massive city there will be even more free things you can do. You also don’t need to buy food when you’re out because we both know it can get expensive very fast. Just take a packed lunch with you when you’re out and the only thing you’ll need to pay for is public transportation.

Rent out a room

If you live in a big house it might get very lonely when your children leave the nest. There must be some parts of your home you don’t even look at anymore. You could always rent out a bedroom to a young college student. If you live in the right place you could get a nice chunk of change every month for renting out a room you don’t even use. If you decide to go down this route you obviously have to be careful because you’ll be letting a stranger into your home.

Focus on your savings

You feel amazing when you spend money which is a little crazy when you think about it. That feeling soon goes away once the initial buzz wears off. You need to get excited when you see your savings account creeping up every month instead. If you can feel good about saving money I promise it will be much easier.

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