5 Ecommerce Trends To Adopt In 2014

Ecommerce has grown and evolved swiftly in the past year, with 2014 bringing new ideas, technologies, and movements to boost it even further into the world’s economy. Check out these 5 hot trends, and stay ahead of the curve this year!

1. Depend on Your Data

Collecting and checking in on your data in multiple ways is a great way to stay ahead of your competitors. Be sure to ask yourself key questions: How much traffic are you getting? Where is the traffic coming from? What does Google Analytics tell you?

It is also time to use the data you have been collecting through product data management software. What did you find out about your costumer base and competition from your data collection? How can you better cater to your customers this year? By employing data to understand what happened in 2013, you can vastly improve your stats this year.

2. Give in to the Mobile Revolution

There has been a huge uptick in mobile purchasing since 2012, and this trend is expected to accelerate as mobile technology improves. When crafting your mobile site and app, pay attention to all phone platforms, from Android to iPhone, as well as new technologies like Google Glass.

Customers now expect shopping websites to offer platform-specific technologies that will make their experience as enjoyable as it would be on a laptop. Sites should use GPS and other technologies like FitBit to locate the customer and feed them location-specific information like the correct language, local sales, and any other international conversions.

3. Become SEO Friendly

Since it is not viable to chase Google’s constantly changing algorithms, SEO methodology has changed once again, according to BusinessNewsDaily.com. This new trend focuses on creating relevant and high quality content that is sharable: think “what would I post on Facebook for my friends to see?”. Your website can become more SEO friendly by simply posting ample pictures, product descriptions, and customer reviews that are useful to the buyer.

4. Subscribe to the Subscription Model

The subscription service model is intriguing companies big and small. Companies that follow this model collect a list of subscribers, to whom they send out a once-monthly package for a low monthly fee. Often the company will send out boxes of samples; subscribers will try those samples that look intriguing and then order full size versions of products they like.

It is a wonderfully dependable source of income for small businesses, and customers benefit by enjoying the regularity and introduction to new products. Subscription models are becoming popular for the customer loyalty and close company-shopper relationships they tend to create.

5. Provide Customized Experiences

One of the best ways to attract loyal customers is to customize each shopper’s experience in your online store. Websites like Prestashop.com recommend installing features on your ecommerce site that will let the user save items they like and check out seamlessly. From recommending an item based on the customer’s browsing history, to using the information a customer shares with you to determine what types of items he or she might like—their online experience can be just as personal as having an employee tend to them in a store.

From social media sites to shopping feeds, visibility will always be key to a successful ecommerce business. But visibility alone won’t keep you in business any more. Customers are looking to the internet to supply them with a real-world experience now, and that is what you will need to provide this year.

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