5 Email Marketing Tips For Small Business

A well-exectuted email marketing campaign is not as simple as sending a few promotional emails or staying in contact with your subscriber base.  The overarching goal of email marketing is to allow subscribers to identify with your brand on a deeper level.  Periodic discounts are nice, but they could more readily be available on your website.  An effective email marketing approach will give your brand a voice that people want to associate themselves with – people don’t give their email addresses to just anyone.  Your brand can represent a lifestyle or a product, but the trick is to be able to sell without saying “buy now.”  Instead of promoting a product, the entire campaign should promote the persona or message behind your brand.

An effective email marketing program has the potential to increase customer lifetime value, introduce new products or services and improve brand awareness. Ready to get started? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

1. Know your brand and your audience

Believe in your mission statement and statement of purpose.  Identify your target audience and get to know that specific market demographic.  As the saying goes, by trying to please everyone you end up pleasing no one.  You need to believe in your mission statement whole heartedly as well as believe in your abilities to connect with your target audience.

2. Make people want to subscribe

Have a page dedicated to subscribers.  In a few short words, tell potential subscribers what they can reasonably expect to gain from being on your email list.  Some common incentives for subscribers include:

  • An initial monetary incentive such as a discount or coupon
  • Tips that your subscribers see as valuable
  • A promise to keep subscribers informed about industry trends
  • Giving resources or expert advice

Get started off with the right subscriber base by getting people excited as soon as they get your welcome email.

3. Provide content that people can’t get enough of

Unleash your creativity when providing quality content for your core demographic.  Provide information in your emails that people likely are not getting elsewhere.  Incorporate different types of media, helpful links to resources, and content that people want to share with their friends and acquaintances.  Quality content is in the eye of the beholder, which is why you have to know your core demographic.  Is your ideal customer someone who wants to see cute pictures of animals and read heartwarming stories or read nerdy slogans on t-shirts and solve math problems for fun?    Identify your ideal customer, and create funny, approachable, and engaging content that appeals to that demographic.  Remember, you can always further build a meaningful subscriber base after a current subscriber forwards the email to a friend.

4. Periodically reassess your email marketing strategy

Most people want to read something new and interesting.  Periodically reassess your email marketing strategies based on user behavior data and see what is working and what could be better.  Instead of getting burnt out, take a new approach on a single email and see what kind of response you get.  Also note that effective marketing takes a degree of trial and error. Always look at data that is not deceiving such as patterns in sales, patterns in people that unsubscribe, and seasonal patterns in sales.  Use the data you have to drive sales.

5. Let people love your brand and look forward to your emails

Think beyond disseminating basic information about promotional events or sales.  You can sell a product, or you can sell a brand.  A brand embodies a persona and a certain kind of lifestyle.  Make your brand speak to your audience by making people look forward to reading your emails.  Not every email has to be verbose.  An email can be as simple as a meaningful infographics with a sentence or two underneath it.  Make your brand attractive to people who might only want to identify with it.  For example, marketing comfortable shoes as athletic wear often sounds more appealing than marketing the same shoes as comfortable shoes for walking to a certain demographic.  Would your target audience rather embrace the idea of being athletic or in need of geriatric footwear?

Takeaway tips for all email marketing campaigns

A comprehensive email marketing program is an opportunity worth exploring.  It can give you a chance to market the persona of your brand to an interested audience.  Do not despair if your first attempt is not an instant hit.  Always remember:

  • Know your brand and target demographic beforehand
  • Create content that subscribers want to read and share with friends
  • Periodically reassess your strategy based on data
  • Never be afraid to try something new
  • Focus on providing content that your target audience will love and might not get elsewhere

And don’t forget to keep the focus on your company’s message.

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Dorian Travers is an Internal Marketing Specialist at digital marketing firm, Wpromote and has always had a particular interest in content marketing and coming up with creative ways to help businesses grow.

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