5 Factors That Can Sabotage Your Search Engine Optimization Campaign

When most small businesses decide to do their own search engine optimization they assume that it’s something they can break down into little pieces which they do every day and eventually rank well. However, they never stop to consider that there are unexpected roadblocks that Google as well as other search engines can put up, which at times changes how search engine optimization is done. Many of these people have no idea as to where the SEO industry is headed and how to future proof the work they are doing right now. So, the result often is that even after a year of hard work the results are not what they should be. Since time is money in the business world by the end of the year they should have spent hundreds of dollars and have almost no results to show for it. Generally speaking there are five things that often go wrong and sabotage a company’s DIY SEO efforts.

Not having a proper SEO plan in place

Like advertising and marketing your business, it is important that you start out with a clear search engine optimization plan in place. Each and every element of your campaign should be clearly thought through and have a clear purpose because without this purpose it will fail. For instance, if you are going to build links it is important to know where you are going to get these links from and why. You may also need to hire staff to handle certain aspects of your SEO campaign which too needs to be figured out in advance.

Using automated link building programs

These programs rarely work when it comes to helping you build high quality links. The problem is that they have a list of all really low quality websites where they will post your website’s links to. Some may even post variations of your articles to various article directories but the end result will be absolutely no SEO gain because the links are of poor quality. Google may even in some instances consider this to be spam and if you are found linked to spam websites there is a good chance that your legit business is marked as spam. Then getting out of this situation can end up being a lot more difficult than you think often requiring professionals to work for months and change you a few thousand dollars.

Not posting quality content

If you want to optimize your website perhaps the first step is to have quality content on it. Google and other search engines now require that websites have quality and useful content on them prior to even being considered for its ranking algorithm. If you are able to put up well written and properly optimized content only then will you be considered. Many businesses put up some basic information regarding their business or service which Google often sees as low quality, the result is that all the effort they put into ranking well is wasted. The content on your website needs to be perfect both in the way of offering value as well as being grammatically correct. Thankfully a number of online tools can help with spelling and grammar but you will need to churn out well written pages.

The website’s pages are not properly interlinked

Remember the goal of actually getting a search engines crawler to your website is to ensure that all your pages are properly indexed. However, if your pages are not properly interlinked it will cause the crawler to either not index all the content on your site or it will simply jump to another site. This has a dire effect on your search engine optimization campaign because Google, Bing or Yahoo have no idea what your website is all about. If your website is under construction then you shouldn’t start SEO prior to it being completed.

Constantly changing your website

Updating your website is perfectly fine and a big part of search engine optimization if done right. However, some updates to the design, structure and links of your website according to Smart SEO can ruin your rankings until of course the crawler returns to your website and you update all the new links in the previous posts you’ve made to article directories and link directories.

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Mark is one of the leading search engine optimization experts in New Zealand and Australia. He has optimized websites for hundreds of businesses across the continent and is known for his thorough approach to optimization. He strongly urges businesses to invest in hiring a professional service if they are serious about ranking well.

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