5 Frugal Ways to Save on Phone Bills

Phone bills can be a constant source of worry if their use is not proper controlled.  With face to face communication decreasing due to hectic schedules phones are the only means left.  Be it telephone bills or mobile bills you may have to spend quite some money paying them every month. However if the use of the phone is not properly controlled it would not be long that you would face a financial crunch.


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So it is advisable that you start taking the precautions now before it gets too late. Mentioned below are some frugal ways by which you can save money on your phone bills:

  1. Get an affordable monthly plan: Conduct a market research to find out an affordable plan for your telephone. If you can get a plan that has lower call rates and charges less per second you can save some amount of money on your bills.  To cut short your mobile bills you can look for a low cost monthly recharge plan.
  2. Cut down the usage: Avoid using your phone unless it is an emergency or you need to convey an important message. For conversations and chats with relatives that can wait avoid using the phone. For mobile phones recharge the amount you can afford every month and stick to it. Put a stop on the habit of getting extra amounts recharged for your mobile phones.
  3. Allot a fixed amount on phone bills:  When you make your monthly budget plan allot a certain amount of money for paying phone bills. Try to cover all the bills within the framed budget amount. Keep some extra balance in case the bills are more. Do not cross the amount you have allotted as then you may have to cut short your other expenses.
  4. Restrict the timings: Put restriction on the timings for which the telephone can be used. Advise your family members to follow the rules and not extend their telephone chats beyond that time. Fix the timing during which the kids will be allowed to chat over phones. Also ask them to limit it to important talks and not stretch it till hours.
  5. Use texts instead of calls: If you need to convey a small message to a friend or relative it would be a better option to use the text option is mobiles than wasting the telephone bills. Messages related to meeting point, timings, things to remember, birthday wishes can be easily conveyed through texts. You can thus save a lot of money which would have been spent on calling for every such little thing.
  6. Try innovative alternatives: Though letter writing is considered a bit outdated it can serve as a good substitute if you are fond of writing. It gives a different feeling and moreover you can express a lot more in a letter. If you want to stick to technological means emailing can be a good option where you can share a lot with your friends. You can also make use of options like video chats, Skype calls, and video conferencing on internet etc to cut down your phone bills.

Author Credit:  This post was inspired by my dear friend Shelly who is a financial blogger consultant with EasyFinance.com. She helps people to tackle their financial problems by helping them with budgeting tips on various items of daily life. She also offers expert advices on personal finance problems related to loans, cash advance; home equity etc.

Note: If you want to frame a proper budget for your household and save some money you need to keep a check on every possible item. Phone bills can be a constant source of worry if you do not use it properly. You may even have to take instant loans to pay them. Thus getting into debt is not far if you have not planned it well. The article deals with some ways in which you can reduce your phone bills.


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