5 Home Business Opportunities for Marketing Professionals

Marketing professionals looking for supplemental income or a more flexible schedule can find home business opportunities that offer a chance to grow professionally while earning an income. Whether helping client improve the traffic of a website or helping out an understaffed marketing department with a project, these home businesses can be operated from home on a full or part time basis.

Internet Keyword Optimization Specialist

Marketing professionals with a knack for words will find this home business opportunity challenging and rewarding. This business focuses on helping organizations find the right keywords to use to generate the most traffic and sales to a client’s website. A solid understanding of how search engines work is required to be successful at this career.

Online Marketing Consultant

As one of the home business opportunities well-suited for marketing professionals, online marketing consultants work with businesses to develop a plan and strategy for all online activities. As a consultant, tasks will vary by client and may include evaluating a business website, writing copy, keyword optimization, social media and providing creative direction to best meet the client’s business objectives. Staying up to date with latest online marketing techniques and understanding is essential.

Virtual Marketing Assistant

As businesses try to do more with less, many marketing departments are left understaffed or non-existent. Virtual marketing assistants help fill the void by creating brochures, newsletter, writing blog posts, handling social media campaigns or distributing press releases.

Green Marketing Consultant

Helping businesses reduce their environmental impact is the role a green marketing consultant plays. From finding environmentally responsible promotional items to transforming printed materials to electronic versions, this home business opportunity helps direct client’s to make more environmentally-friendly marketing choices. A green marketing consultant may also assist in communicating the green strategy of a business to customers.

Information Marketing

As more consumers turn to the internet to find information it has become vital for businesses to provide relevant information on a website. This home business opportunity is well-suited for marketers who are strong web writers and able to write to a variety of audiences. A solid understanding of search engine optimization is recommended as well.

In addition to professional marketing skills, individuals pursuing any of these home business opportunities should have strong communication skills, ability to meet deadlines, creativity and an understanding of internet marketing. To attract clients, consider writing a blog, participating in media and using any of the freelance websites available to promote services offered.


By Alexandra Grayson, a graduate of the Clark Atlanta University with major in social studies who is also taking courses in psychology and human behavior as well as freelancing as blog writer in mental health and spiritual stability (official homepage).

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a graduate of the Clark Atlanta University with major in social studies who is also taking courses in psychology and human behavior as well as freelancing as blog writer in mental health and spiritual stability (official homepage).

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