5 Most Inexpensive Ways to Secure Your Shop

Your shop is your means of livelihood and as such you would always want to protect and safeguard that livelihood. That being said I don’t think I have to emphasize the need to secure your shop from thieves and thugs. No need to worry though, there are countless of ways to secure your shop and they are pretty inexpensive as well.

Dummy Cameras:

Dummy cameras are an excellent way to make thieves think twice before trying any funny business in your shop. Irrespective of what you’re selling, the goods are valuable and as such should be safe guarded. Dummy cameras look like real security cameras and will make a thief pause to think about stealing from your shop.  They don’t cost much and will be a good security measure. If you have the budget, then proper security cameras are an even better option but if not dummy cameras placed around the shop and outside the shop will ensure that a thief knows that they are being watched. They are good investment, money wise as they don’t cost much and will give pause to the thief.

Security mirrors:

Security mirrors are another nice addition when it comes to securing your shop. Security mirrors let you see the corners of the shop that you can’t usually see or that your cameras can’t pick up. This gives the thief a low chance of being able to steal and get away with it. He/she will be uncomfortable knowing that anyone could see him/her in action easily from just around a corner. Creating doubt in the thief’s mind is key to securing your shop.  For example a dome mirror set up on a wall, ceiling or corner makes it easier to see the corners and bends and allow you to pick on any unwanted activity going on with in the shop. Their outward bulging reflective surfaces is what make them ideal to easily analyze the activity going on in the shop.


Having detectors and sensors in the shop will help you locate if someone is trying to smuggle a good or commodity out unpaid. These sensors are able to detect when an item is being taken out of the shop unpaid and will sound an alarm if such an action occurs. These detectors are a must have if you have a large store that you can’t keep a look out for the exit/entrance. This will warn a thief before entering that this stop is going to be a bust since smuggling anything out will be next to impossible. This is one of the best ways to run off a thief before he/she even thinks of trying anything.

Panic button:

Having a panic button is essential. The police or guards need to be just a button away if a robbery is taking place in your shop. This small button located just beside the cash machine or under the table, anywhere actually that the cashier’s hand can easily reach is a sure way to get the authorities there as soon as possible in case of a robbery. Nowadays, thieves come in armed so it is better not to directly engage them but instead wait for the authorities to deal with them. A panic button will make sure you have a direct link to the nearest police dispatch or department.

Keeping your shop safe and secure is your duty not only to safeguard your livelihood but also to ensure the safety of other customers in the shop at the time of robbery. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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