5 Mind Blowing Gadgets Of 2014

As the calendar turns each year, many gadget freaks anxiously await the latest mind blowing gadgets for the year. Each year these amazing devices ranging from kitchen to office and down to personal are intended to help blow the minds of the users who have come to the end of the year looking forward to the release of these cool pieces of equipment. Usually these gadgets do not disappoint, and the top 5 mind blowing devices for 2014 are no different. These are discussed below:
1. Scanadu Scout

The Scanadu Scout is a device that will quickly be able to check your vital statistics by applying it to your temple. Fitness buffs have been anxiously awaiting the release of this unique gadget because it can instantly reveal oxygen levels, temperatures, pulses, and electrical impulses. While the new device has been promoted to change the way home medicine is administered, people who are serious about keeping their bodies in top shape have already been buzzing about this items release for months.
2. The Playstion 4

Even though the Playstation 4 was released through limited sales over the 2013 Christmas buying season, it was not expected to be released to the public until early 2014. Kids and adults have been anxiously awaiting this new playing platform that now comes with an impressive 8 GB of memory. As impressive as that, the new x86 CPU processor will allow you to support Blue Ray disc technology, 8 CPU cores, with an updated PC GPU. This new gadget is surely a game changer for the folks at Sony.
3: Stealth Remote

Finally a gadget that everyone in the family can enjoy. The days of those universal remote controls is about to come to a close with the 2014 release of the Stealth remote control. Now you can easily hook this tiny remote to your key chain and connect to the cloud if you need for file sharing capabilities. One of the most unique features of this universal remote control is that unlike its predecessors, you simply point it at the television and it will quickly identify the manufacturer and work instantly with no programming.
4. The iWatch

The iWatch is expected to hit the shelves in 2014 and is a wearable device that provides the user much more information that just the date and time. Wearers will now have the ability to access all their other devices with a quick glance, rather then having to turn on all their other mobile devices. With BlueTooth support soon to be supported by the iWatch, you can expect these to be off the shelves faster than they can load them.
5: The TAT

Although not technically a gadget, the TAT technology will become more a part of the mobile device scene in 2014. Currently in most smartphones in service, the improved technology will allow users to have a more improved touchscreen experience in 2014. With rumors of the stretchable touchscreens coming out this year, mobile users are chomping at the bit to get their hands on this unique improved technology.

There are a lot more gadgets still being expected this year but these are surely among the game changers and will leave a lasting impression.

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