5 Myths about Knowledge Base You Need to Ignore

Knowledge management has become one of the most important business aspects for a large number of companies. Therefore, numerous businesses have introduced the usage of knowledge bases. However, there is still a number of companies that are skeptic towards this concept.

The majority of old-fashioned companies relies on more traditional management systems because of some myths related to the usage of a knowledge base. To help you overcome your doubts, in this article we’ll discuss some of the most common myths regarding this topic and show you that you really should ignore them.

Myth #1: It requires a lot of effort and energy to deal with knowledge base software

Probably the first thought that occupies the minds of conservative managers is right this one. Many of them decide not to try out the usage of a knowledge base because they’re simply convinced it is too complicated for them. Like in all other spheres of life – people just become afraid of changing some methods that are already worked out.

Truth #1: Knowledge management actually saves a lot of effort and energy.

Nobody says it’s easy to start doing things in a different way but if you don’t, you will never realize its benefits. Once you install a software such as business wiki software and get to know the way it works, your troubles are done.

Using business wiki software, any employee will have access to the knowledge base and every single member of your team will be able to enrich the base with specific knowledge. On the other hand, employees who don’t know much about certain concepts will also be able to learn from the experts that write about them.

Myth #2: Confidential internal information may easily leak.

Traditional managers that rely only on paper folders locked up in their desks may hesitate to put the useful internal information out there – online. Ever since the Internet was introduced, people have been doubtful about the confidentiality of the data put online. This is not unusual but as the Internet has been evolving, the system data protection has been improving, as well.

Truth #2: You control your information.

The concept is pretty simple: If you don’t take care of your privacy, nobody will. Luckily, the knowledge base of your organization is something you completely control. Both business wiki software and other types of knowledge management software come with great security systems. This means that you can easily restrict the access to the data you store online, by adjusting the settings of your knowledge base.

For example, while members of your team can go through the entire base, including the central database, public access can be limited only to FAQs section or blog posts. Sensitive content related to your business will definitely remain safe.

Myth #3: Knowledge base creation is bad for competitiveness.

A typical doubtful manager will be likely to think like this: “If I put too much information regarding my business, if I reveal too many helpful details, my competition may use my own ideas and knowledge.”

Truth #3: Knowledge base creation is one of the best means of distinction.

Since you are not an insecure skeptic manager (right?), you will be thinking in an absolutely different direction. In other words, you won’t be thinking about how to deal with your competition, but about how to make your clients satisfied.

So, you’ll say: “If I share all my knowledge with my clients and make it visible online, I’ll provide the additional value for them and they will not have to look for some important information somewhere else. I’ll save their time and they’ll put their trust in my business. That’s what provides a stable, long-term relationship.”

Myth #4: Knowledge base creation requires serious investments in technology.

When we mention knowledge management and knowledge base software, traditional managers may think it is quite an expensive undertake. In some recent polls, a large number of managers has stated they think it requires a lot of money to switch from more traditional forms to knowledge base management. Content management in a knowledge base seems like a painstaking process in numerous aspects, they may say.

Truth #4: Knowledge base creation saves your money.

The only thing you spend your money on in order to activate your knowledge base is the money you give to buy a decent subscription. Prices of software may vary drastically but even the most expensive ones won’t be as expensive as some traditional and less efficient management options could be. And this is definitely an investment that will definitely pay off in a relatively short time.

Myth #5: It takes too much time to educate and train employees

This is another pretty common concern when management makes a decision about whether or not to implement knowledge management. Some may think it will be difficult for employees to adapt to this system. Education and training may be long-lasting and not as productive as expected, according to opinions of some traditional managers.

Truth #5: Knowledge base systems are easily understandable online environments

In other words, you won’t have to waste your time nor money on hiring an educator because employees will be capable of learning on their own, for sure. The clear and concise structure of business wiki software will make the process of learning not only easy but relatively fast as well.

In practically no time, your employees will be able to navigate through the content and edit it effortlessly. All you have to do is to find the best wiki software for your company. A software that simplifies both the self-teaching process and the usage. Knowledge Base powered by ProProfs offers all these advantages and more. It also includes some highly practical and useful features, such as:

  • learning management system,
  • public and private knowledge base,
  • employee knowledge management


Long story short, by now you’ve hopefully realized that by introducing knowledge management you are much to gain and improve your position on the market. By implementing this concept, you will save both energy and money. At the same time, both you and your clients will have a fast and easy access to all key information. Not to mention that your employees will master the usage of the knowledge base in the blink of an eye!

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