5 Personal Finance Apps To Help You Keep On Top Of Your Money

By making use of personal finance apps, it’s possible to stay on top of your money, and to avoid losing track of how much you’re spending. Some of the best personal finance apps are designed to enable you to catalogue your spending, as well as to save receipts and give you breakdowns of your different bank accounts and investments. When you have the ability to look at how much you’re spending in different areas, it’s much easier to visualise your budget and where you might need to cut back; with this in mind, some great personal finance apps to check out currently include:

1 – Key Ring

Ever had the problem of trying to stuff too many store loyalty cards into your wallet or purse? Key Ring solves this problem by consolidating multiple loyalty cards into a single app that can be used to store your card information, and that can be scanned at checkouts; this means that you can avoid problems with forgetting to bring cards with you, and can make it much easier to view your current balances and eligibility for discounts on different cards. Key Ring has been downloaded over 8 million times, and is available for both iOS and Android users.

2 – My Budget Book

An expense management app, My Budget Book allows you to track your expenditure and spending on different purchases; the app enables you to create an easy to view breakdown of your current budget, from shopping to bills and other essentials. You can also sync My Budget Book up with other devices; this app is best used if you have trouble working out how much money you’re spending across your budget, and want a simple interface that will show you where your money’s going.

3 – HomeBudget with Sync

One of the most well established personal finance apps that you can currently downloaded, HomeBudget with Sync is designed to provide a comprehensive system for tracking spending, paying bills, and managing your different accounts. The app can be synced with your computer, as well as with other devices that are running the same program – this means that you can bring all of your family’s accounts and spending together into one place. HomeBudget is available in a free Lite version, and a relatively inexpensive standard one, which offers a few more features and syncing options, but retains the same basic interface and accessibility.

4 – Cash Flow HD

Another expenses and budget balancing app, Cash Flow HD can be used to sort out your different levels of spending; this might include entertainment and bills, as well as money for emergencies. You can also use Cash Flow HD to convert your spending into different currencies, and can sync it up with your credit call bills; the app can be used to tell when you’re spending too much in one particular area, and can work out how much you realistically have left to spend every month after deductions, and whether you can afford to save in particular areas.

5 – Money Dashboard

This app brings together all of your online bank accounts into one simple dashboard, making it much easier to check between them when you need to find out how much money you have available, and how it’s performing; the app is encrypted, though, so that you can only view your accounts, rather than make changes to them and carry out transactions. Similar to apps like Mint, Money Dashboard makes it straightforward to track your spending and the performance of your savings between all of your accounts, and is one of the most secure apps you’ll likely find to download.

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