5 Reasons To Turbo-Charge Your Blog With YouTube

YouTube Video BloggingThe written word has been the bloggers biggest weapon for many a long year. When used well it can help the reader to embark on a wonderful journey, hopefully one that provides them with the answers that they seek. However, time never seems to stand still for too long. Things move on, visitors demand different ways of seeing the information that they want. With this in mind, many successful webmasters have turned their attention to that of video blogging.

If you run a blog and are looking at ways to get in front of more readers then this blog post might well do the trick. Here,we will be taking a closer look at 5 reasons why using YouTube might just turbo-charge your blog.

Extremely Powerful Search Engine

Okay, time for some stats.

Well the main one here is to understand that YouTube is the world’s 2nd most popular search tool. So in just the same way that you have been trying to rank for Google, why not do the same for its sibling.

Sibling? Yes, that’s correct. The birth of YouTube will always be credited to the work that 3 former PayPal employees put in. However, Google didn’t waste any-time in 2006, snapping up the company just a year after it was founded.

Now back the numbers. Statistics suggest that an incredible 85 percent of all internet users watch around 15 minutes of video every day of the week. Furthermore, YouTube enjoys hosting very close to half of all the videos that are seen.

So with YouTube being owned by Google this is a sure-fire way of not only your sites visibility but also its Google rankings too.

One final point that is also worth thinking about is that YouTube is a free service that takes up Zero of your own valuable bandwidth space.

Tons of Existing Ideas

If you are a seasoned blogger then one thing is for sure, you will already have tons of existing content. Put simply, taking some of your best blog posts and turning those into video format could be the best thing you have ever done. Re-purposing these posts into 3-5 minute videos can be an excellent way of extending the life of the material that you already have.

Remember, people liked the content when it was just the written word with a smattering of images for good measure. Think about the potential exposure that your blog could get from a well put together video.

Compelling Content

One important element is always to aim for producing compelling content. Content that provides value to the viewer is always more likely to be shared, especially if you can make it slightly humorous. Of course, if humour isn’t your bag then sticking to playing it straight will be better.

Compelling ContentAn example of something that could work for a copywriter could be to make a video that uncovered common grammatical mistakes. If you could find a way to link this into monetary costs for businesses then you would probably be onto a winner.

When you put your mind to it and teach something that is insanely useful you will always be sure to get plenty of views for your video. Remember, each time someone views it they are a step closer in visiting your site too.

Easy to Find Ideas

Earlier we talked about an existing blogger with plenty of content they could re-purpose. Of course, the reality is that not everyone will have vast amounts of material.

However, by taking a look at what is already on YouTube you will find some great pointers. If nothing else you could use the information to make sure that you don’t cover topics that are already there. Alternatively you could try to be more controversial than other blogger and see how that works for you. Remember, controversy sells.

You might have a favourite blogger or series of bloggers that are already “pulling up trees” via YouTube. Well, if that’s the case then it can be a good idea to sign up for an alert service that tells you the moment they post a new clip online. This can be a great way of keeping up with what’s going on in your own back-yard.

Movie Stars are Optional

One reason why people shy away from producing video content is that they believe they aren’t very photogenic. Maybe these are the people that buy into the line that the camera adds 10lbs? Well whatever the reason for non-appearance on the world’s largest video channel, things must change.

The good news is that a large number of the best videos are tutorial based. As such they don’t always feature an “actor” to deliver the speech, well not one that you can see anyway. So, with this in mind you can put together an informative video just by using some screen recording software. I won’t go into the ins and outs of which one to use here; however, be sure to hop over to http://www.lifehacker.com for their take on the best 5 screen recording tools.


Having arrived at the end of this post you will now probably want to zip straight off and set about organising your own YouTube channel. For those who have arrived here without reading the actual post (naughty, naughty) here is a quick summary as to why you need to jump on.

Free marketing is fantastic for any business, especially when it comes from the 2nd most popular search engine. You probably have all the content already on your site. Re-purposing existing material is a great way to re-deliver you already popular message.

If like most webmasters you are serious about getting your blog noticed then YouTube could very well be the answer, for all of the reasons listed above. If things don’t work out exactly how you wanted you can at least say that you tried.

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