5 SEO Tools to Use in 2015

It’s a fact that of all the search engines available, Google owns over 67% of the market share. Sure, there’s also Bing, Yahoo! and DuckDuckGo. But, it’s difficult to overlook the power of Google. That’s why it’s important to stay on top of any changes Google makes to its search algorithm. They do this often throughout the year.

Search marketers need to be aware of when Google makes updates so they can understand website rankings and improve search engine optimization. Recently, Google targeted pages that overuse keywords, which had many SEO specialists in a panic.

Learning about the optimization techniques available in 2015 to assist in marketing your website, blog and business is the best way to stay ahead and combat any fears.

1. Hummingbird-Friendly Keywords

Keywords are not out of the SEO picture all together. But, in 2015 keywords need to make structural sense. Rather than focusing on a single keyword like, Google’s implementation of their algorithm, Hummingbird asks for combinations of words that are specific to a niche and are conversational. For example, instead of keying in the word, “nyc limo,” this new algorithm requires a phrase such as, “the best nyc limo company.”

Next, this phrase needs to be classified into three categories called transactional, informational, and navigational. Transactional queries should produce commercial intent. Informational searches should result in educational information that connects the person searching to your product or sales pages. Your product and brand name or website should be linked to any navigational queries. You can rank higher if you also use words such as “buy,” “deal,” and “discount.”

2. Keep Abreast of Competitors

A great SEO strategy is the use of SEO competitive analysis. It’s important to stay abreast of how your competitors are doing and what new products/services they are offering. In 2015, SEO tools such as SEMrush, Google’s Keyword Tool and Google Sheets via the use of Excel will continue to help you understand directions your competitors are going in.

3. Streamline Your Website’s URL Structure

One effective way to have your website rank high is to clean up your URL structure so that they are search-engine friendly. Try staying away from including Dynamic URLs in your website. These are URLs that are long and don’t contain any recognizable keywords. They look something like this: sounded=4538&style-6&taste-=2session=54325

They produce lower click-through rates, so it’s best to use static URLs. Also, make sure there aren’t any broken links or 404 errors.

4. Multiple Links vs. Single Links

For 2015, SEO marketers are finding that it’s best to have multiple links from niche sites that have authority rather than lots of single links from sites that are rated low. The best way to build hard-earned links is by using editorial links, implementing co-citation and building broken links.

5. Use Secure Encryption

Recently, Google announced it would be using HTTPS as a ranking signal which tells website owners that Google favors the use of secure encryption. This would give secure sites a boost in Google rankings. For 2015, it’s advisable you know the pros and cons of making this transition. Switching your website to HTTPS is smart for websites that collect personal data and not so advantageous for purely informational ones.


It’s obvious that updates to SEO occur consistently throughout the months in any given year. 2015 will not be any different. A lot of time and effort are needed for handling SEO decisions well and effectively. It’s best to keep your prospective customers and visitors in mind. What works for them should be the result of the work that you do as a search marketer.

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