5 Tips for Avoiding Online Survey Scams

Those looking to earn some extra cash, without having to get a job could do worse than begin using online survey sites. Unlike a lot of other online jobs, a good survey site can provide a reasonable amount of money and you can pick and choose as you like. However, there are a number of golden rules for those looking to make money online. Here’s our guide to making money from online surveys, while avoiding scams.

Never pay to join

Never pay to join an online survey site. These sites are there to help marketers gather data they can then use to make informed decisions when marketing products. The old chestnut of being told that paying will mean better quality surveys and higher earnings is one to watch out for. This seldom translates in reality and you’ll often never hear from them again.


Another thing to keep an eye out for is the expiry date on these survey sites. Regularly you will receive a decent sum of money from a site, but be aware of the expiry date. Many of these sites offer superfast expiry dates on your vouchers, money withdrawal or whatever other way you are paid. This saves on them paying you and increases profitability. In addition, they may offer vouchers to stores that are closing soon, thereby increasing the chances of it not being redeemed. Be aware of this and avoid them.

Privacy Statements

Watch out for privacy statements when joining these sites and then make sure that you read them carefully as otherwise they will be most likely willing to send your data elsewhere. Privacy statements protect you from your data being shared with companies and businesses you may not want them to be shared with. In addition, try and ensure that you use a specific email for surveys. Setting up a separate email for this will greatly limit the likelihood that your daily inbox will be flooded with rubbish and spam. However, do keep an eye on it as it’s generally the first point of call for first come, first served limited surveys.


Using survey review sites like SurveySpencer will help significantly and can really limit the likelihood that you have got involved in that sort of site. Survey sites with a large following will have thousands of reviews that should encompass most of the sites on the planet. They will also have ratings and review system that will most likely show you what to expect from these sites and what not to expect. It’s a good way of rooting out the good, the bad and the ugly.

Too Good to be True

As the old saying goes – if it’s too good to be true; then it probably is and this is the same for these sites as it’s for anything else. Not all sites are created equally and if you come across one offering you something that look extraordinary it’s most likely fraudulent and at best you should check the small print before applying.

These are the five scams to watch out for when taking part in the world of online surveys. Take heed and these tips will serve you well.

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