5 Tips To Popularize Your Brand On Pinterest And Attract More Customers

The problem with most businesses is that they already have a good brand name, but they can’t make it popular enough. So, people who hear about their brand name will naturally become skeptical with it. If your business brand is not known within your niche, then it means that you are at risk for giving away your potential customers to your competitors. Why? That’s because they don’t trust you yet, and they will prefer to deal with your competitors because they have more popular brand name. So, how can you solve this problem? How can you make your brand more popular? You can use Pinterest to promote your brand. It is a great social media platform for brand-building. Here are 5 tips to popularize your brand on Pinterest and attract more customers:

1. Host a Popular Local Event And Pin It

If you want to start spreading the word about your brand, you should start it with local marketing strategy. Why? That’s because it is cheaper, and it will give your brand a boost in popularity quickly. What you need to use is to host a local event, make it popular in your local area, and pin the images and videos about the event in your Pinterest board. Tell a story that will inspire your audience on Pinterest. Give each moment a meaning. It will create a good first impression for your brand.

2. Reinforce Your Brand Name With Each Pin That You Make

Remember to remind your audience about your brand with each pin that you make on Pinterest. How can you do that? You can do it by putting watermark to your images with your brand name as well as your website URL. You should also do it for each of your pin description as well. When you reinforce your brand name with each pin that you make, you will make your brand more popular one pin at a time.

3. Let Your Customers Promote Your Brand

Don’t just make pins for yourself. You have to let your customers to participate in it as well. Here’s a good idea. You can create a contest in which you will award the best customer’s expression in using your product. Let your customers send their best picture while using your product and ask them how they feel about it. Give good reward for the best image. Now, you’ve got a lot of pin-able images at your disposal. Events like this can create word of mouth about your brand quickly.

4. Solve People’s Problems With Your Brand

Show your potential customers what your brand can do. Make them understand that they can solve their problem with various solutions that you offer to them. No matter what products you are selling under your brand name, always make your customers know that your brand can solve their problem. When you pin images on Pinterest, be sure to give this kind of impression. Don’t just promote your product constantly. You have to solve your audience’s problem as well.

5. Connect With Popular Brand Name Within Your Niche

Your connection on Pinterest matters for your brand image. Remember that if you want your audience to recognize your brand as a reputable brand, you have to connect with reputable and popular brand name on Pinterest. But, stay relevant. You have to establish good communication with those brands so that people will know that they can trust you. It can really create a big impact on your brand.

Once you follow those tips, your brand will become more popular on Pinterest. Moreover, people will start talking about it and you’ll attract more customers as a result.

This article is written by Natalie, who is a pro Pinterest user. She has had many people coming to her blog asking about Pinterest and how to effectively use Pinterest. She uses Pinlify.com to jazz up her pins by adding cool badges and borders and frames to her Pins before pinning them on Pinterest.

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