5 Ways To Boost Your CV

The current job climate isn’t all that easy and extra experience and skills are really important at the moment. If you are sending out your CV to recruitment companies and directly to businesses it is important to ensure it is the best possible CV.

Here are five ways to you can boost your CV and enhance your employment opportunities.

Curriculum Vitae

1. Make Sure It Looks Good

The best way to boost your CV is to focus on the layout that you are using. A lot of people make simple mistakes with their CVs and make it look very messy and crammed up.

The key is to ensure you CV isn’t any longer than two pages. Focus on displaying the important personal details and include all of your past work experiences as well as your education.

Don’t play around with font styles; the simpler your CV looks the better.

2. Tailor Your CV For The Job

You might also be looking for a variety of jobs at the moment and might end up sending your CV to a lot of different companies. The key to making your CV stand out is to ensure it is tailored for that specific company and position.

For instance, if you are looking for a job in the IT industry you might want to include your skillset a little bit differently to if you are looking for a job at the marketing industry. Although you might be looking to get essentially the same job the different companies might emphasise different skills.

3. Do Voluntary Work

Experience is also what counts in today’s job market and this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need experience from the same particular position. Volunteering is a great way to get the all-important transferable skills and can enhance your career prospects a lot.

So make sure that you try to give a bit of your time to do some voluntary work. This can be as important in improving your chances than getting a paid work placement.

4. Learn To Code

If there is one skillset that is really valuable in today’s job market then that is computer skills. The better you are with technology the better your chances are of finding a great job.

For instance, if you learn to code with simple languages like Java and C language you can guarantee a boost in the amount of times your CV will get picked up. Perhaps you could pick up C++ developmentand create a simple app to show to the prospective employers.

5. Learn Another Language

Another skill that is always going to enhance your situation is knowing another language. Many industries are really connected around the world and being able to communicate in another language is a really huge bonus.

There are a lot of great online sites like Open Culture that offer a wide range of free tools to help boost language learning. This can really give you an upper hand against other people applying for the same position and you should consider spending some time learning a new language.

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