5 Ways to Help College Graduates Land Entry-Level Positions

shake hands at job interviewMany recent college graduates are in a bind: Job postings often call for an applicant with three, five, or 10 years of previous experience. Meanwhile, those who have recently graduated from college are eager to know how to obtain the required experience when even entry-level job postings frequently call for years of prior work history. Turning to an employment staffing agency can be a great help to recent graduates, as a quality agency can help both employer and employee to find the right fit. It is important for employment agencies to understand the obstacles facing recent graduates so that they can accurately communicate these issues to employers. Employment agencies can assist recent graduates in landing great entry-level positions by following these five tips. 

Find Graduates Actual Entry-Level Positions

Those who have recently graduated from college are faced with the overwhelming task of landing their first job in the real world. One thing an employment agency can do to help graduates through this process is to find jobs that are truly entry-level. Recent graduates are eager to get their foot in the door and to work their way up. Matching these eager applicants with employers who need to fill their lower-level positions will be beneficial to all involved. Encourage your clients to accurately advertise their job postings. If a job requires years of previous experience, it is not in the employer’s best interest to advertise the position as entry-level. Additionally, employers should remember that recent graduates are unlikely to apply for a job if the posting calls for experience that they clearly do not have. As a result, quality candidates could be slipping through the cracks. Encourage employers to reassess their requirements and to consider the benefits of hiring those who are new to the job market.

Accurately Assess Skills and Strengths

It is important for an employment agency to assist graduates by finding their strengths and teaching them how to market themselves. This is a demographic of people who can really benefit from an agency’s ability to recognize marketable talents. Recent graduates may not yet have a firm grasp on which of their skills are the most useful and which ones they should emphasize for a particular job. Additionally, agencies should conduct practice interviews with job candidates. This will give them an opportunity to gain confidence, ask questions and learn from their mistakes.

Assist With Resume Writing

Employment agencies are well aware of a resume’s importance, and recent graduates often need a lot of assistance in this particular area. It can be challenging for those who are fresh out of college to know how to translate their college experiences into assets on a quality resume. Many college graduates feel like they don’t have enough experience and don’t know where to begin in the resume writing process. A good agency will know how to uncover an applicant’s hidden talents and experiences and successfully translate them into a polished resume. Going through a candidate’s resume with them line by line is an excellent way to ask questions and find out more specific information about the individual.

Find Employers Eager to Hire Recent Graduates

In the last few years, there has been an increase in companies hiring new college grads. These businesses understand that there are many benefits to employing those who are new to the job market. Job candidates who have recently graduated are generally tech-savvy, fast-learning hard workers who are willing to start at a relatively low salary. Having just finished several years of school, these job applicants are accustomed to taking in new information and their recent participation in college activities has shaped them into team players and motivated leaders. Employment agencies should pair up with clients who are in touch with the benefits of hiring these valuable applicants.

Focus Advertising on Recent Graduates

Let graduates and soon-to-be graduates know that you are interested in what they have to offer by focusing your advertising on their specific needs. One great way to do this is by using social media. Research shows that over 90 percent of college-aged adults use at least one form of social media. Creating a Twitter or Facebook page is a great way to reach your target audience. Set up a booth at college job fairs and make one-on-one connections with students that will soon enter the workforce. Recent college graduates do the majority of their job searching online, so it is also important for your agency’s website to be graduate-friendly. Provide links on your homepage to entry-level vacancies as well as resume writing and interviewing resources.

Employers have a lot to gain from hiring recent college students and employment agencies can play a key role in connecting companies with these graduates. By following these five tips, your agency can assist recent graduates in landing terrific entry-level positions.


About the Author: Dani Wilson is a contributing writer and human resources specialist.

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