5 Ways Live Chat Can Improve Customer Engagement

E-Commerce has brought a transformation in the way interactions with the customers are carried out in the modern business world. The internet has provided a very cost effective, flexible and suitable means to connect with the customers using ‘live-chat’ at any time and place that is convenient for the customer. Having a perfect live chat software helps the customers to access customer service personnel at the company’s end from any corner of the world without having to spend enormously on telephone charges, or otherwise. Live chat also helps to improve engagement with the customers by promptly replying to their queries, either through audio or video.  The following are few ways through will customer engagement can be strengthened through live chat.

Building rapport

In the current era, marketing is based on relationships instead of pushing the customers to make a purchase. Moreover, dealing with the customers is not just manning a helpdesk and answering to their emails. The current generation of customers expects an in-depth communication through closer interaction that is well suited through live chat.

Through telephone support, it does not seem to be realistic to assign a single operator to a customer having a persistent problem. In such cases, live chat makes it possible to dedicate an individual customer service representative (CSR) to a particular customer.  The same CSR can be notified as soon as the customer knocks in to deal with the same customer, give resolutions that are more effective as compared to a new CSR. Even customers prefer to talk to the same executive who has been dealing with his/her issues and complaints previously. Live chat provides a fantastic way of allocating a dedicated CSR to a customer, or a set of customers and makes the latter feel valued through better resolution. This helps to build rapport and improve the customer engagement process in the long term.

Clear communication

Live chat makes use of written text and hence the communication is clearer as compared to other methods of communication such as telephone calls.  Nowadays, conversation with customers is carried out over the telephone through agents in call centers. However, technical problems, language barriers, differences in accent, not matching customers’ rate of speech etc leads to complex problems and disturbances in communication. Live chat does involve such complexities, eliminates these issues, and makes possible continuous communication and hence better customer engagement. Moreover, automated language translation is a better way of translating messages more accurately in real time. Hence intricate details of the conversation are not missed out and clear communication can take place between the parties.

It humanizes a brand and helps to maintain better customer relationships

Live chat does not involve any automated voice support such as IVR’s (Interactive Voice Systems) that are often sources of customer frustration. In a case of telephonic calls, an important customer call can be placed on the IVR where the customer may have to wait for long unless the next call center executive is free to take the call. Live chat does not involve any such waiting time, neither any issues relating to placing any call on hold.

Live chat is a smoother way of initiating and continuing the conversation the moment a customer knocks in. It also offers a human touch, the opportunity for the customers to speak to a person, explain their issues, grievances, and get personalized experience. Customers also have several options to choose their favored chat method, along with the option to switch over to another method, if needed. For example, making use of click-to-chat, click-to-call, click-to-video chat, and similar options that can be maintained by a company.

Helps to develop a profile of consumer behavior

Live chat helps to maintain a comprehensive visitor analytics, maintain a detailed profile of customers, and analyze their consumer behavior. The use of such real-time data on a visitor knocking at the website helps to formulate customer-centric strategies that align with the needs and requirements of each customer. It also helps to develop a profile relating to actionable customer information to determine interests as well as generate leads. Visitors, as customers can be engaged proactively, via live chat, tailor the solution as per their behavior and improve the customer engagement process. The chat history of a visitor can also be retrieved to understand the type of queries, issues and/or temperament that a customer has so that the solution can be tailored to suit his/her needs.

Live chat integrated with social media provides better customer experience

Nowadays customers prefer to communicate with the customers over social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and similar others.  Hence it is feasible and cost effective to install a live chat system for the customers over such social media channels. This will also help to provide chat facility to the customers in a 24*7 window and provide extensive customer support round the clock. This will help to communicate with the customer over their favorite social media site without having only an option to chat with an agent over the company’s website. Hence the number of visitors can be increased and better customer engagement can be fostered. Apart from social media, live chat service can also be introduced with the customers over smart phones through mobile apps.


Live chat is a useful way of engaging customers through open communication without any hindrance, where the need for expensive telephone calls is not needed. However, it is necessary for the customer service executives handling the chat to be polite, enthusiastic and well trained to provide a prompt reply to customers’ queries.  It is advisable not to sound robotic and use language that is simple, clear and precise over the chat.

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