20 responses to “5 Ways to Invest Your Money Besides a Savings Account”

  1. Ann

    Hi Richard,
    A very intriguing post. The peer to peer lending sounds extremely interesting to me. I'll check into that further. Of course, the possibility of loss is also a consideration. Thanks so much for sharing.
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  2. satrap

    Hey Richard,

    I have never been involved in investing, although I have always been interested in it. I think its because I really dont know much about investing.

    I think your first tip is the most important one and one that most people these days could and should implement. Its amazing the amount of money we basically waste on credit card interests. The numbers are just staggering.

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  3. lianemarkus

    I have never tried investing my money because I a sacred that my money will be lost if in case there will have a problem in the future. But I think, the tips that you have stated above can be helpful and relevant so long as we will be able to handle well the situation. Thanks a lot for this interesting post. We cannot deny that money is important but we should also put this into something more important.
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  4. candicemichelle25

    I'm a little nervous about investing my money in the stock exchange market because I am not knowledgeable about this and I don't have any experience about this. But to be fair, it's a good idea, but I think one should be very careful when deciding to take this kind of investment.
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  5. Alex

    For me, the best way to invest money is on online business ‘coz there are bigger returns compared to local businesses. You have also a good point to put your money in a peer to peer lending ‘coz you can get bigger interest out from the borrowers.

    1. richescorner

      I agree, an online business is a great way to invest money.  You can start up an online business for a very small amount of money these days and really get a great return on it.

  6. lengyel_b

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  7. pantherius

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  8. pantherius

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  9. NinaFutures

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  10. belotenia

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  11. Ryan

    Richard, are there any stipulations on when you can take money out on Lending Club. Like if you want to withdraw some money to purchase something is there a fee or do you have to leave your money in the account for a certain amount of time? Also is there a maximum amount you can invest?


  12. Carter L.

    Thanks, I am always interested in opportunities to better invest money outside the stock market. While the market is on a tear these days, it is hard for me to believe that it is sustainable given the state of the US debt.

    That being said, the peer to peer lending is of interest especially with the returns that you indicate your are realizing. Of course, proper due diligence would be in order…

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