5 Ways to Make Money from Sports


We’re always being encouraged to play more sport and the benefits are more than obvious. But sport can be beneficial in other ways, notably as a source of income. While becoming a professional player or manager will be by far the most lucrative route if you want to make a living from sport, there are quicker and simpler ways of making sport into a secondary source of income. 


Betting on the outcome of sporting events has been a traditional way of making money from sport for centuries. In the age of apps, it’s also easier than ever before to wager money on games with all the major bookmakers offering software and purely online operators also producing apps like Bettson (https://sportsbook.betsson.com/en/). You can now bet in-game on your mobile while watching the match at the pub or simply keep track of changing odds on the apps, making it simple to place an informed bet. By gambling on live sporting events, you can attempt to judge form and place a bet that is perhaps more likely to come off. To make money from gambling it’s good to follow a few simple rules: only bet 2-3% of your bankroll on each bet instead of blowing it all on one wager; opt for accumulators with higher payouts over wagers with small odds; and go for the less common betting markets such as corners or cards in football.

Sell Sporting Memorabilia

Whether you make money from memorabilia entirely depends on the quality of product you have. You either have the option of searching out and buying collectables from sellers and then re-selling (use eBay and car boot sales); or you can head to as many sporting events as possible and collect potential memorabilia, from programmes to ticket stubs. Try to get signatures from top players and photos of momentous occasions – think about what people might pay a lot of money for in the future. Make sure you preserve any memorabilia in a good condition.

Work at a Sporting Event

There are hundreds of events to choose from every year and all of them will need staffing. You can pick events that you have more interest in, be it a football game or a darts tournament, and you can find out about opportunities from sites such as hospitality staff or the event’s website. For students needing a summer job, events like Wimbledon are a fantastic option.

Blog about Sport

Any blog can be a good source of income if you sell advertising space or write advertorial posts. To get to this stage you’ll need a popular blog with enough visitors that companies see you as a viable way of promoting products. Thankfully, sports blogs are nowhere near as common as those for food and fashion – so write about sporting events, betting tips, news and you might carve out a niche.

Rent a Parking Space

Renting out an unused car parking space can be a great source of income in general. Take advantage of sporting events by advertising a space on forums or Gumtree. This is an especially good option if you live in the vicinity of a stadium and can undercut the fees of nearby car parks.

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