6 Goofy Gadgets For Photography Lovers

Are you a photography enthusiast? Fishing for some interesting photography gadgets available in the market? Looking for a perfect gift for a loved one who’s a photography geek? Not a problem. Listed below are six amazingly incredible, unique, and stylish photography gadgets you should definitely have a look at.

Camera Lens Mug

A photographers drink

Imagine sipping steaming hot coffee from a Mug that looks exactly like a lens – how cool is that! Yes, that’s right! There are some amazingly creative mugs available out there in the market, shaped in the form of a camera lens. Interestingly, these mugs include realistic details like a focus ring, as well as an auto-focus switch! Most of these mugs also come equipped with a lens hood top that will keep your drink warm or cold – brilliant!

Camera Lamp

Vintage Camera Nightlight - Ansco Cadet II w/flash

Do you fancy dim and soft lights while you’re watching TV or enjoying a drink on the couch? Do you stay up late at night trying to finish your assignments or office work? Most importantly, do you love photography? If yes, you might want to consider gifting yourself this remarkable DSLR Camera lamp which is outfitted with a dimmable halogen lamp. There is also a tripod stand available in case you want to adjust it as a desk lamp instead of a floor lamp.

Camera USB Drive

GoPro Hero3 Frame

Yet another unique gadget that any photography enthusiast is bound to love is the Camera USB Drive – a finely detailed miniature version of a DSLR camera. The lens of the camera acts as a USB stick, so in order to use the USB, you need to remove the lens from the body before you insert the stick into the computer USB slot. Overall, this gadget is an extremely cute, friendly, and low-budget device that will definitely win a photography lovers heart.

Camera Phone Lense

Canon 135mm F3.5

Not fully satisfied with the quality of images taken from your phone? Looking for a way to overcome the physical limitations of your phone’s in-built lenses? Not to worry. Just go and invest in camera lenses for your phone! Whether you’re using an android phone, or a blackberry, or an iPhone, or even if have an iPod Touch, iPad or a Macbook, there are lenses available for all these devices. Just attach the Camera Phone Lenses to your camera –equipped device with the help of a magnetic metal ring, and enjoy capabilities like Fisheye, Wide Angle, Macro, and Telephoto!

DSLR Camera Backpack

What's in my bag?

A perfect gift for any enthusiastic photographer on the go would be a stylish DSLR Camera Backpack. There are a number of good quality backpacks available in the market, which are specially designed to carry SLR cameras and lenses. Depending on the requirement and the type of photography you’re into, the bags are equipped with inner compartments and pockets accordingly to accommodate films, cables, pens, lenses and other such accessories. Convenient and water resistant, a camera backpack would indeed make a perfect gift!


My Lucky Charm

Want to make your photographs look better? If yes, you might want to consider cleaning your lenses and getting rid of all that dust and fingerprint marks. Are you going to use your finger or a napkin to get this done? Here’s a better suggestion – get a LensPen! As the name suggests, the LensPen is a fantastic gadget shaped like a pen, which cleans your camera lens in a much better manner. This is a simple yet efficient lens-cleaning system that effectively removes fingerprints, dust, and other debris that maybe effecting the quality of your images. Stylish, portable and effective – perfect!

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