6 Logos That Built Multi-Million Dollar Companies

We are constantly surrounded by a variety of marketing, so it’s easy to take marketing’s worth for granted. A logo is part of brand strategy. It’s important for a logo to convey the company’s values to the publi. Some logos are so effective at conveying the message, companies seeking to enhance their brand will earmark large sums of money for the right design. Symantec purportedly commissioned the creation of a logo for $1.28 billion. As a successful business, the company knows the value of a good logo.

The swoosh says it all

When Blue Ribbon Shoes contacted a student of graphic design to create a logo for the company, the price they paid was far less astounding. Nonetheless, it was a design they kept for over 40 years and counting. The company eventually adopted the name, Nike, which has become a globally recognized brand. As a token of appreciation, Nike recently gifted the designer, Carolyn Davidson, with a gold ring moulded in the shape of the swoosh, set with a diamond as well as a symbolic amount of shares in the company.

The swoosh is so representative of Nike, in 1995, the logo was debranded. Prior to that, under the swoosh was the name of the company. Debranding took away the type, leaving only the clean check-mark that’s recognized by consumers everywhere. Another company that was able to drop the typography from their logo was Starbucks, a clearly large and successful business.

2 curved arches is all it takes

Richard and Maurice McDonald were early in their franchising career when they designed their storefronts. Richard increased the appeal of the exterior by adding two, large, yellow arches set against a red and white tiled roof. The yellow arches are meant to resemble the ‘M’ of the business’ name.

Aside from being the logo of an empire of restaurants, the iconic ‘M’ is prominently displayed. It’s so well known that the fast-food franchise is affectionately referred to as the Golden Arches. It’s common for a business to redesign their logos in the brand or business direction they plan to pursue. In nearly all versions, the ‘M’ is coloured in a shade of yellow, retaining the most recognizable part of the brand.

The world’s best interactive logo

Google is ubiquitous in the world of technology, quickly expanding to other industries. Its logo belongs to the category of using only typography to represent itself. On the front page of the search engine, it is viewed by the world on a daily basis. Interestingly, there were 3 predecessors that are similar versions of the current one. Like Twitter, they kept the concept of the logo but made subtle changes to find the perfect balance.

Google has capitalized on the ability for user interaction and the fact that they provide online services. Since 1999, they have introduced Google Doodles. Each Doodle is unique and often reflects a historical moment or festivity. These Doodles are so popular that Google has a museum curating all past animations. It’s not only a service to users though. In fact, it drives traffic. The 2014 Valentine’s Day Doodle lead to a jump in online traffic, presumably generating click-throughs to corporate clients.

Reinventing the apple

Apple is one technology company that has managed to surpass mere survival through rapid developments in the industry. It has become a large company and moves high volumes of units to the world every day. Now a key player in the market of consumer technology, the logo has not always been so recognizable and it is where the importance of custom signage services or logo design services lies. Originally, it was a pastiche of an ink sketching depicting the physicist, Newton, under the famed apple tree.

As a company named after an object completely unrelated to its business, management decided to change the logo to that of an apple. Apple decided to fill its logo with 6 horizontal bars, emphasizing that graphics could be made in colour. The company has changed the colouring over the years, but the apple silhouette has proven to be a valuable asset to the business.

Logos that illustrate with words

As a rule of effective writing, words are supposed to show not tell. The following logos of well known companies took the idea literally by embedding drawings into the letters:

  • Between the letters ‘B’ and ‘R’ of Baskin Robbins is the number 31, signifying their famous 31 flavours of ice cream.
  • The arrow under Amazon’s logo points from ‘A’ to ‘Z’, representing the range of products they sell.
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