6 Reasons Why Women Should Consider Online Courses For IT Training

Santosh Kalwar, a poet of Hindu origins, once wrote, “It does not matter where you go and what you study, what matters most is what you share with yourself and the world.” And this is especially true for women in today’s job market for the IT industry.

Between 2002 and 2007, more than twice as many women as men held at least a bachelor’s degree or higher.  Even if you have a degree, this statistic alone shows that there is plenty of competition among women for choice jobs.

This is especially true in the IT industry where men tend to dominate. When the office network goes down, you always hear people say, “Put in a call to the IT guy” or “Call the guys in IT”. Why shouldn’t they be calling the IT lady? (Psst, that could be you!)

Why IT for Women?

In today’s society, more women than ever are filling roles previously held by men. These include roles such as Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). In other words, women are claiming the top management positions in large corporations.

If a woman can manage a large corporation, then she can do anything in business that she sets her mind to do. This includes work in the IT department. But before working in the IT department, often a certification from an online course in Cisco or another network is required.

Even if you are a woman with a college diploma, unless your degree is in something IT-related then it is unlikely that you walked away from the graduation ceremony with a Cisco or other networking certification. Thankfully online courses can solve this problem.

Benefits of Online Courses for IT Training

Just because there are not a lot of companies that promote technology to women does not mean that women should avoid the industry. Here are some other benefits for signing up for online courses in technology-related fields.

  • Scheduling – Every working woman I know adheres to some type of a schedule. Online courses are flexible, so that if you have a family and community activities outside of work there’s no need to compromise your schedule.
  • Economical – Because the courses are online, there is no need to spend money on transportation to get to and from a physical location. Additionally the cost of school supplies is cheaper, as most of the printed materials are online.
  • Eco-Friendly – When you take an online class, a lot of the materials (sometimes including the books) are accessible by logging into an online reference center with the student ID and password. This means less paper is used, and more trees are left standing.
  • Community – Humans are social creatures, but busy women sometimes find it hard to juggle a job, family responsibilities, and a social life. Online courses offer a way to connect with other students without having to drop all of their other obligations.
  • Location – Courses for IT programs like Cisco certification are online, which means you do not have to live within a certain geographic area to take them. As long as you have a WiFi signal, you can log in and take the required work to earn a certification.
  • Knowledge – Some online courses require students to participate to be marked present, unlike a class at a physical university location where only one or two students might participate in the discussion. This gives students the benefit of more diverse opinions and more knowledge from their e-course peers.

When women have online certifications for networks like Cisco, they not only have a chance at a better career, but are also offering their employer the chance at a better bottom line. Well-trained employees work more efficiently which produces better customer satisfaction.

An IT Job for Every Woman

Volunteers from Cisco have assisted non-profits like the Expanding Your Horizons Network in encouraging young women to pursue all manners of careers related to science and technology for the past several years, but there are still many positions available.

In today’s society, it seems everyone is connected to the internet. Every day physical businesses are closing down physical locations in favor of selling their goods or services online.

Whether it is a CCNA video training video training course or a course for medical transcription, be sure to visit a reputable review site to make sure that course will both suit your lifestyle needs and provide you with the correct certification upon completion.

Freelance writer Sophie Evans enjoys working from home because it gives her more time to spend with her husband Rick and their two children. When she isn’t reading blogs on sites like http://www.ecourseclassroom.com to brush on her computer knowledge, Sophie spends her free time planning her family’s next Disney vacation, and stealing away to Starbucks for a Frappuccino.

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