6 Tech Features That Make Driving Safer

When you think about technology and driving, you likely think about how the technology will distract you and put you at risk of collision. But what if there was technology out there designed to actually make driving safer that didn’t involve the use of self-driving cars? Well, thankfully, there is. Whether you’re cruising the streets in an oversized pickup truck or thrill-seeking on a motorcycle, these six tech features will make your drive much safer and help you arrive at your destination in one piece.

1. Hands-free Calling

While you should limit your phone conversations while on the go, it’s also inevitable sometimes. While most states have made it illegal to drive while talking on a cell phone, the use of hands-free calling makes it safer (and no longer illegal). Through voice activation typically through a Bluetooth device, you can tell your phone voice commands to either answer calls or to make them. Then, you can drive and talk at the same time without taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road.

2. Distracted Driving Apps

Phones can be a distraction, especially to young drivers who can’t seem to let it go. However, there are many apps out there designed to help eliminate distracted driving. LifeSaver, for instance, is an app that connects families to one another and also reduces distracted driving by turning the phone off when behind the wheel. However, parents can still use the driver portal to see where their child is located and to know if he or she arrived safely. There are other applications out there that can reduce distracted driving, so do your research and find the one that makes the most sense for you or your young drivers.

3. Instant Roadside Assistance

Newer vehicles are constantly being interfaced with technology that helps you in an emergency. Should you ever find yourself running out of gas or dealing with a flat tire, vehicles equipped with OnStar or other emergency services can instantly access roadside assistance 24/7/365. Plus, this technology will also automatically see your destination and run a vehicle diagnostic report, so you can receive the help you need no matter where you are or what the emergency may be.

4. Teen Driving Modes

Some vehicles like the Chevrolet Malibu come equipped with teen driving modes that allow parents to ensure safer driving for their children. Using this technology, parents can limit how high the radio volume can go; set speed limit restrictions; set up alerts if your driver leaves a certain area; receive driving reports; and even disallow the radio from working until the seatbelt is secure. Having a vehicle that includes this technology can provide peace of mind for parents all over the country.

5. Dash Cams

Dash cams or the use of Go Pros may be typically used to capture exciting footage while on an adventure, but this technology can also help keep you safe while on the road. For instance, these recorders can provide you with the necessary proof needed to prove your innocence during an accident. In fact, according to a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer, “Motorcyclists who wear video recorders on their helmets can use the footage in accident cases to prove they were not at fault, and the use of this type of footage continues to be more widely accepted in the courtrooms.” If you’ve been considering a dash cam to capture the exciting trip you’re going to take, consider purchasing it for the safety benefits too.

6. Voice-Activated Controls

Like making phone calls using your voice, many vehicles today are equipped with other voice-activated controls that can make it safer for you to access music or information while on the go. Many vehicles today use Bluetooth that allows you to stream music using only your voice, so you can tell your vehicle to play certain songs without taking your eyes off the road. In addition, some vehicles are equipped with Siri Eyes Free technology, which allows you to talk to Siri while driving and have her perform certain tasks, such as making dinner reservations or answer emails. When looking for a car that has voice-activated controls, be sure to have a full understanding of the technology, as sometimes you need a certain type of smartphone in order to integrate this technology.

Instead of allowing today’s technology to distract you while behind the wheel, try to use it to your advantage. With apps, voice activation, and integrated teen driver features, you can ensure your ride is safer with the right tech.

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