6 Ways Colocation Benefits Your Business

Your small business may have started with a couple of servers, network routers and a handful of application programs. Now you support a full-blown data center to meet your needs. If you find that more time and money is being spent in your data center that could be focused on business growth, consider collocating your computing resources. Get out of the technology business and back to developing your core business.

What is Colocation?

Colocation occurs when a data center is created that supports the technological resources of several businesses. These colocation centers provide the physical space for equipment. They also manage the power, cooling requirements and security. They control telecommunication and network lines and offer various plans for each one. With multiple businesses sharing these resources, your small business will see a number of benefits.

1.) Cost Savings

The data center provider is able to save you money by splitting the resources between businesses. You’ll pay less for such things as power and cooling than if you maintained your own data center. You’ll no longer need staff to support your equipment since the data center does that for you.

With some colocation data centers, you can choose to use your own equipment or lease equipment from them. The leasing option can help the cash flow of a small business since you’ll have less capital costs and will only have to deal with monthly lease payments.

2.) Power Protection

These data centers have sophisticated power conditioners and backup power supplies. You’ll be protected during power surges and outages. A spike in power of a few milliseconds during a thunderstorm can damage sensitive equipment. A power outage could cost you thousands of dollars each hour you’re down.

Power conditioners, generators and backup power are all expensive options to maintain yourself. You get the benefit of these items in a colocation environment as part of your maintenance fees.

3.) Resource Security

You’ll also save on security measures and will have better protection than you may be able to afford in-house. Secure facilities with key card locks, locking rooms and equipment cabinets, surveillance cameras and a security staff around the clock keep your resources safe.

These data centers often have firewalls and intrusion detection applications to prevent hacking into your systems. Constant monitoring and reporting allows discovery of unauthorized access with notifications to systems managers so problems are stopped quickly.

4.) Network Reliability

State of the art network equipment give you the best connection to the Internet. Redundant equipment and load-balancing means you never have to worry about consumers not being able to get to your business website or experiencing a slow response. Precise knowledge of networking is needed to manage these components effectively. The colocation center has the staff to do this so you don’t have to have those resources on your payroll.

5.) Technical Support

You will need fewer people on your IT staff since the data centers often have 24

by 7 support teams on hand. They will be monitoring various conditions for you and may resolve issues before you even knew there was a problem. You’ll also have access to phone or email support for those

times you do find an issue, or just need someone to answer questions because your own staff is busy.

6.) Scalability

As your business grows, you can easily expand your resources in a colocation center. Whether you need more server capacity, disk storage or network bandwidth, the data center will work with you to fill your needs. No need to wait weeks until your in-house data center can respond. Colocation centers can met your expansion requests in just a few days.

Many financial and resourcing responsibilities can be reduced by moving to a colocation facility. Lower costs with better performance and protection help small businesses focus on the one thing most important to them — their customers.

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