6 Ways to Use Live Audio for Business

Want to boost engagement? One possible way is through live streaming video. Not sure how it works? Here are a few tips to help you pull this off:

Share Live Events

Doing this can drive your social media efforts even more. Live events make everything seem more alive to your audience. People get a sense of being a part of what’s happening. It’s not just about telling them a step-by-step account; it’s about including them, and making them feel like they’re right there beside you. Remember the Meerkat Mania that popped up at last year’s South by South West? That’s how livestreaming can snag an audience.

Show them Sneak Previews

Nothing whets the appetite more than a glimpse of what’s coming ahead. While you’re live streaming another event, why not give your audience a glimpse into the main event that’s happening a week or two from then? A snippet or two won’t hurt. In fact, it could even boost engagement big time. Just look at how Fox set out to sneak the finale footage of the X-Files season finale during the Super Bowl. Every fan around the world just lost their minds when they saw the sneak preview. It’s safe to say ratings will spike as more fans tune in for the finale. If you weren’t excited before, seeing a kicker of an image—like Scully turning into an alien—will be enough to leave you on the edge of your seat, wanting more. You can cultivate a reaction close to that, the thrill—sans the wildly excited and rabid fans—surrounding your webinar with strategically released snippets or previews the closer you get to release day.

Host Interviews

It’s a marketing fact that people don’t respond to things, they respond to emotions. Basically, when you buy or support something, you do it because of what that service, brand or product makes you feel. That’s why advertising companies use people to market their products. Consumers are much more inclined to open their wallets and whip out some money to pay for something when they associate that product or service with their all-time favorite basketball player, that charismatic founder of a company named after a fruit or that afore-mentioned iconic redhead who was in every sci-fi geek’s dreams. So the next time you run out of ideas to post on your social media pages, remember to put up a live audio of the people your market loves and ‘follows.’ Ask them for opinions on issues important to your audience, says the Social Media Examiner. You’ll definitely see a surge in consumer engagement as long-term fans all over respond to your content.

Workshops and Trainings

People love free trainings. If you want to generate stronger awareness for your brand, product or service, using live video can net you the kind of coverage you had in mind. If you’re aiming for a huge audience, you can broadcast live audio with the Blue Jeans Primetime service, for starters. Or, be sure to choose another provider that is also easy to use and install so you won’t have to spend another minute more than you should in setting things up. You can get into the heart of the matter right away: that is, preparing for an awesome workshop experience for your audience.

Show Image to Product

Another handy use for live streaming is to show your audience how your products are made. You don’t have to reveal trade secrets. If you make glass, you can show one of your more talented staff members creating a vase. Let them see how a small lump of molten glass can transform into a delicate, wonderful sight. Are you an authority on sweets? Provide your audience with a glimpse of how those towering cakes, scrumptious desserts and mouth-watering concoctions find their way out of your kitchens and onto the table. This is also a great way to show your audience how dedicated, passionate, and careful about work everyone on your team is. Those are all likely to score points and make them more likely to buy your product or support your service.

Host Q & A Sessions

Welcome questions from your audience about topics they care about. This can include questions on how you run your business, what made you successful or what tools you use to improve your webinars. Answer as truthfully as you can. Take this as a chance to build rapport with your audience, and do your best to make them feel comfortable. Reach out to them while you answer questions. Be warned, though. Q & A sessions could turn into a public relations nightmare if you’re not careful. To avoid that, make sure you’ve got someone who knows the facts in place, can answer questions in a way that’s consistent with your brand’s voice and image, and who isn’t as easily flustered or upset.

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