7 Easy On-Site Changes That Will Skyrocket Your Social Media Traffic Overnight

How do I generate quality leads? How do I increase the social media traffic to my website? How do I convert my visitors into customers? If you are a digital marketer, you must be looking for answers to these questions. To generate more sales and achieve targets, you need to drive traffic to your digital platforms. How can you do that? By implementing some effective on-site changes that can help create a strong online presence. You can build your brand and connect with your readers simultaneously.

If you are looking for some effective ways to generate more social media traffic, develop your brand, and boost sales, follow these 7 easy-on site changes.

1.      Create relevant content

Writing blogs and creating the right type of content are two different things. The length of your content affects your ranking in the search engines. If you want your target audience to promote your content, follow these three points:

  • While lengthy blogs are significant in achieving your goals, quality content can increase your reach.
  • Understand your target audience and what they are looking for. Analyze it using Google Analytics and produce content that is appealing to them.
  • Take cues from what your readers have shared on Facebook or Twitter. Align your content according to their needs.

2.      Include images

An article with relevant images is appealing to eyes. Did you know that adding a photo to your tweet can increase your social media traffic? It can boost retweets by 35%. Isn’t it impressive? Add high-quality, relevant images to your content using various tools such as Canva, Spruce, and more. While adding images can increase your social media presence, too many of them can distract your readers. Using relevant images on your social media channels engage readers for a longer duration. After all, the human brain processes image quicker than text.

3.      Install a social media sharing plugin

If you want your target group to share your content, keep things simple. Install clear social media sharing plugins on your website, making it easier for your audience to share the content. Your plugins should be embedded in a way that these buttons can be visible as the reader scrolls down. If a reader wants to tweet something, he or she can directly tweet using the appropriate plugin. Make sure your website has this plugin installed. If you want to know more about social media sharing plugins, check out this interesting video.

4.      Use social media tracking tools

To enhance the visibility of your social media channels, you need to evaluate the performance of your website. Have you ever thought about these pointers:

  • Is Facebook performing better than Twitter?
  • What kind of content is shared by your target audience on social media?
  • Is your website receiving a good amount of social media traffic?

A social media tracking tool can help you find answers to these questions. Implement as many tools as you can and analyze how social media channels are performing. Once you have the data, you can use it to strengthen your web presence. Suppose, if Facebook generates more traffic than Twitter and LinkedIn, you can use this information to your advantage. Understand what kind of social media posts are gaining traction. Put in extra efforts to improve them.

5.      Insert a ‘click to Tweet’ link

Utilize the power of Twitter to drive traffic to your website. Adding a “Click to Tweet” button to your content can increase the number of shares. Similar to social media sharing plugin, this Twitter specific functionality encourages readers to share immediately. The moment you click on the button, it will allow you to tweet within seconds. Tools like HubSpot use “click to Tweet” button to boost social media traffic. It is one of the best ways to aide engagement on Twitter. While there is an option to customize the tweet, relevant links and hashtags are included within the text.

6.      Ask your audience

The greater the number of social shares, the better your social media traffic is. Get as many people as you can to share your social media posts to drive website traffic. But, how can you encourage your readers to share your content? Just ask them and value their opinion. Here are some tips you can implement to seek the opinion of your readers.

  • Conclude your blog post with something like – “Enjoyed the article? Share it on Facebook on Twitter”. You can also include a “Click to Tweet” button to promote your content.
  • Reach out to top influencers through emails to know their feedback on your content. Ask them if they will be willing to share it on social media. Keep your communication concise and relevant to receive constructive feedback.
  • Start a conversation on social media and entice your readers to engage in it. Whether it is Twitter or LinkedIn, communicate with your audience and ask them to share your content.

7.      Minimize your frequency to post

Although you should post fresh content quite often to increase your ranking and social shares, it should be quality content. If you are not able to maintain the highest level of quality, it will affect your social media presence. A HubSpot study revealed that there is no correlation between the number of posts and engagement these posts receive. You just need to prioritize what should be shared on social media. Understand which type of content can help you generate more traffic. Experiment with various marketing strategies before taking a final call on the frequency of your posts.

Even if your social media strategy is driving traffic, you can make a few fundamental changes on your website. From adding relevant images to installing social media sharing plugins, these strategies can help you generate quality traffic. With these 7 effective actionable ways, you can give your social media strategy a boost.

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MARY JONES is the co-founder & editor-in-chief at TopMyGrades which focuses on Content Marketing Strategy for clients from the Education industry in the US, Canada & UK. Mary has conducted a series of webinars for AssignmentEssayHelp. She has extensive content editing experience and has worked with MSNBC, NewsCred & Scripted. She has also authored blogs on Lifehack.org, Wn.com, Medium.com, Minds.com and many more digital publications.

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