7 Effective Ways to Prepare Your eCommerce Store for the Holiday Season

The holidays are fast approaching and the preparations are becoming more felt, especially around retail establishments. Everyone’s very excited as the sales figures at this time of the year are usually off the charts. E-commerce stores should also ramp up their holiday preparations in order to maximize the benefits that the season can offer.

Here are seven of the most effective ways on how e-commerce stores can prepare for the holidays:

Use high-quality product images on social channels

As social media is one of the most effective marketing channels today, you should make sure to maximize it. One of the most important strategies to consider is the use of high-quality social media images, especially of your products. Doing so helps invite your customers to purchase as this addresses the need to know more about a product that you cannot see in person. Providing high-quality images of your products can help you maximize sales, especially around the holidays when the numbers are at their highest.

Create a content marketing strategy

Content is one of the most important aspects of modern day marketing, and the holiday season should be no exception. You should craft holiday-themed content that can help drive traffic to your site, which can then help transform your audience into customers.

Content is especially important to search engine optimization, which helps your site be the among the first to be seen by potential customers when they search online. The better your ranking is, the more that your online store will be where they will buy, as opposed to stores who appear further into the search results.

Content also help spread the word about your brand. When there is evident awareness of your brand, shoppers are more likely to buy from your store as compared to others. And this holiday season, this is very important as the sales potential is just too high.

Give holiday deals, coupons, and offers

Seasonal promotions should form part of your holiday business plan. You should offer holiday promos that can invite your potential customers to do their holiday shopping with you. This also fosters the spirit of giving, which the season is all about.

You may even use this opportunity to help poor-performing products by bundling them with some of your best-sellers. A reasonable discount can make all the difference.

Use urgency in your marketing campaigns

To make your promotions even more effective, you can consider coming up with time-limited gimmicks. This triggers the sense of urgency in your potential customers, making them want to grab your offers before they lose their chances. The key is to offer promotions that are enticing enough and something that shoppers may feel like they’ll regret losing. However, when you do time-limited strategies, make sure that you really do close the campaign on said date and time. You can always come up with another (strictly a different one) after the first campaign expires.

Offer Free Shipping and Returns

One of the most effective strategies that you can implement this holiday season is offering free shipping. This will definitely bring in a lot of sales as shipping is considered by shoppers as extra costs, and not having to pay for it is a big help in making your store better than others.

However, to make this work for your favor as well, you can set a minimum order value before the free shipping kicks in. This strategy is reasonable and can aid you to increase your conversion rate and value.

To further increase the trust in your brand, also offer free returns. This gives your brand a sense of pride in your products, which helps you be chosen by shoppers.

Provide excellent customer service

There are lots of choices of online stores out there, and a lot of them offer the same products. When the product choice and the pricing are the same, it’s the level of service that can help you win customers.

Maximize on holiday sales by providing high-quality customer service, such as by having a dedicated live chat to resolve customer queries. If you would not be able to have a team available 24/7, you may choose to invest in alternatives such as chatbots, which can resolve basic customer queries. Chatbots may also be used to try to analyze your customers and provide intelligent product suggestions.

Ask for customer feedback

With the high volume of transactions over the holiday, it’s a perfect time to ask for feedback from your customers. They will be able to rate you on your busiest for the year, and you will be able to take note of this feedback to improve your operations, your products, and your service so that you can be a better version of yourself in the next year.

You may also use the feedback as a marketing strategy of its own. First-time buyers value the opinion of actual users of products they are looking at purchasing. Because of the holidays, people are more likely to be more generous with their feedback, which can help you invite more buyers in the process.

Maximize on holiday sales with these strategies

The holidays are right around the corner, and your preparations should be in place. To best prepare for the season, the strategies enumerated above can help you out.

The holidays are some of the best days for e-commerce business such as yourself, and to help maximize its potential, being able to come up with effective strategies is key. So prepare now and enjoy the results thereafter.



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